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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Another day down!

Well Brielle is now 4lbs 9.2oz! She is still doing the bottle feeding and continuing to do pretty well! She took 8ML at 7:30am and 18ML at 1:30pm and she is working on her 4:30pm feeding right now. Doing pretty good, so Im guessing about all of it. Those are all out of 36ML. Still down to the 3liters of vapotherm setting. Other than that, its been a slow but steady week! Tomorrow probably will be her eye exam again. See how that turns out!


  1. Josh and Amber It sure is awesome reading how well Bri is taking the bottle. Good for her. I know how you are feeling-it is normal-you are getting near the end and you are getting antsy. Brielle has made great great strides in some cases and in other cases she has just been s t e a d y. That's okay-she has been through so much and has to do things her way. The day WILL come that you two CAN take YOUR miracle home. That day will be a thankful and blessed day. Continue with your strong faith we all are and our prayers are always being sent. Take good care Love Debbie

  2. Pray everything come back ok on her eye test:) ONE DAY DONE means ONE DAY CLOSER TO BRINGING HER HOME!!! Love you guys!

  3. Yay! Nothing wrong with 'steady as she goes'! She's getting SO close to five lbs. I'm certain she'll be able to get off the vapotherm soon. It is so fun to see her in the crib! She's amazing....