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Friday, August 13, 2010


Brielle had another Big Day!!!! First was her AMAZING first bottle feed. She took 20ML of her 35ML!!!!! The Speech therapist had to come do her first feeding with us and she said that she had never seen a baby suck like Brielle was!! She wouldnt stop, she had to make her take a break! She said she was "Amazed" at her! Mom and dad are so proud of her!! We werent going to give her another bottle til 7:30 but she had her Spa day again today so she was wide awake and Tracey thought we should just give it a shot! If she did bad we would stop! She only took 7ML that time, but she was tired from her bath and we didnt want to push her too much! Also I dont think I know all the tricks yet to get it in her like Sally knows! All in all I think she did very well for her first time getting the bottle!!!

She had spa day! Grandma Kris and great grandma Kathy came to watch!! She was sooo awake! My mom held her after and just talked to her and she just looked right up at her and focused on what she was saying. It was adorable!

Brielle weighs alittle bit more today, 4lbs 1.8oz. Not a huge jump, but we will take it! She is almost grown out of her preemie clothes so I will have to get out the newborn and bring some up here! The nurse said to not worry about newborn clothes cuz she will jump to the 3mo!! Go Brielle!!!


  1. Wow she is growing so fast and doing so well! More pics please!!

  2. Josh and Amber WOW what an exciting day for Brielle again. She is being such a good girl for you guys that is great!! I'm so happy she took the bottle so well, I kind of had a hunch she would. I am so very grateful that things are going smoother for you guys. Ayden must be so proud of his little sister (excuse me Bri, I meant BIG sister :) ) Hope you have a good weekend Take good care Love Debbie

  3. GO BRI!!! You certainly have shown us what you can do! I think you want to come home as bad as mom and dad want you to come home! You are truely an amazing little girl! You deserve spa day! Pretty soon it will include manacures and pedicures:) Ribbons and curls:) OHhhh girl, can't wait!!!! One more day closer to bringing her home! Love you guys!

  4. What great news! She'll be home in no time now. She's doing so well. It's so fun to read your blog everyday and see her progress. Thanks for being so dilegent with the blog! Amber, you should look into writing as a side career!