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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Family Room

Today was a GREAT day for mom! Everything was going right in my day and then when I got to the hospital it got even better! I walked into her room and she was gone! I thought maybe she was having a test done to go home or something, but Nurse Kathy put her arm around me and started walking out the room and proceeded to tell me she was in the family room waiting for me!!!!! WHATTTT!!! that means she is on the nasal cannula!! One more step closer to running out that door! Sure enough, there she was! In her crib in the family room! She is still hooked up to oxygen and a monitor but it will be what she comes home on so they put us in the family room to get us used to no nurses and her sounds and basically to feel more comfortable with her. Kathy told me when she came in alittle while later that I havent stopped smiling! You know how long I've been waiting for this day? ALONG TIME! I called my sister to tell her and she said "Now you get to sit on the couch and watch TV with her" I've always said that just those little things that are "normal" I have longed for are now here! So thats what we've been doing! Sitting in the lazy boy snuggling and watching TV. She has been quite content. She hasnt had many desats, and even didnt have one for 2 1/2 hours which is pretty amazing for her! I have to say tho after 4 hours with her alone, I am feeling pretty content! We are going to reserve a family room for this weekend and spend more time one on one with her and really get comfortable with her this weekend since they are talking discharge next week already! We have to wait til Mon or Wed tho cuz thats when Kathys on :) All in all its been a GREAT day that we've been looking forward to for along time! We are getting everything all set for her arrival home! After 3 months in the NICU we will have full custody of her vs. our supervised visits!! :P

OOOOOOOOO AND! News just coming in from our little private family room.........

BRIELLE IS 5 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5lbs .4oz to be exact!!!!! HOLY MOLY!! This is too much good news in one day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope it keeps coming our way!!! We need it!!


  1. OMG this is soooo exciting!!!! Tears of Joy are rolling here!!!!! All the praying that everyone has been doing...THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! to EVERYONE!!!! This has been quite the journey! It sure has made alot of us alot stronger in our faith! I have a GRANDAUGHTER:) OMG...she truly is a miracle, and sooo beautiful! So proud of all of you! You are going to make such a wonderful happy family! The Lord has truly blessed you with a beautiful daughter but also has really tested your faith and love for each other thru this too. Enjoy every minute with her and each other, before you know it, you will be walking her down the isle:) You all deserve so much happiness for what you have gone thru over the past months, and it is finally about to happen! I know I truly believed in all of you! Now we have one more little (BIG) miracle to be thankful for everyday! My only other wish would have been for Ayden to be going home with her, but God had other plans for him, and we are not to judge. Ayden has done a perfect job of watching over his little sister and I believe he will keep watching over her and keeping her safe. Grandma Cindy misses you Ayden, but we will meet again, that I promise! Thank you to all the wonderful nurses in the NICU...you are all miracle workers! You are all truly blessings from above! WE ARE ONE MORE DAY CLOSER TO BRINGING HER HOME!!!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!

  2. Josh and Amber Ohhhhh my goodness I am just bawling my eyes out reading all your WONDERFUL news. What a happy day this has been, not only for you three but for everyone who has been thinking of Brielle and praying for you guys ALL the time. You wiil have to take a deep breath and let all of this sink in. We are thinking of little Ayden and what an angel he is. There's a Reason-- For ev'ry pain, that we must bear For ev'ry burden, ev'ry care, There's a reason. For ev'ry grief, that bows the head, For ev'ry tear-drop that is shed, There's a reason. For ev'ry hurt, For ev'ry plight, For ev'ry lonely pain racked night, There's a reason. But if we trust God as we should, It all will work out for our good, HE knows the Reason. Take good care Love Debbie

  3. Josh and Amber I'm still crying over this exciting news, just thought of something - todays news is like an early Christmas present- today is August 25 4 months til Christmas Ho Ho Ho Take good care Love Debbie

  4. Josh and Amber AGAIN I'm stiil smiling I can not imagine how you guys must be higher than a kite AWESOME Prayers are still being said. Have a good night Take care Love Debbie

  5. Oh, Amber & Josh!!! The one night I don't read your blog....biggest news ever!!! How exciting! And, I wasn't crying until I started reading the comments--so--here I am at work all teary eyed! And...I don't even care! Tears of joy are always welcome....congrats on the good news. Go, Brielle!!! (Did I ever tell you I LOVE that name??!!)

  6. I've got tears in my eyes too! What an amazing day for you guys!! What a little star Brielle is. I'm just so thrilled that you got a whole afternoon of 'normal' with her.... I know EXACTLY what you mean about that too.

    And 5lbs too!! Go Brielle! I remember taking Jaimie out to an apt just after she got home, and she was just 5lbs too, and people were shocked to see such a tiny but totally alert little baby, and of course we thought she was HUGE LOL

    Can't wait to hear the next update!