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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Truly Blessed!

Brielle is now 3lbs 8 oz. She is getting to be so big!! Everyone laughs at me when I say that! But really when she was born at 1lbs 6oz and is now over double that weight in 2 months, that is big to us!!! To most, a 5lbs baby is small and an 8lbs baby is big!! We are the opposite! lol we think a 1 lbs baby is small and a 3 lbs baby is big! hehe. Grandma Kris and Grandpa Rob and uncle troy came up tonight. Troy held her for the first time! And this is the first time Gpa Rob seen her and got to hold her! It was so sweet! Never seems to get old when someone is so taken back by our little miracle! She truly is! And a million dollar miracle by the time she gets home! We have been so blessed to have so many people support and love us thru this process! Many of the people we know and are dear to our hearts! Others we havent even met and they are such great people and pray for our family every day! Talking to a very good friend today, Kelly, and she said, isnt it amazing how many people read your blog daily and are so interested in your life? And it got me thinking! YES! I am truly amazed how much this whole experience has changed our lives! We have made some great new friends thru this process, and also learned alot about who your true family and friends are and arent. We can not express how much it all means to Josh and I. Brielle too will one day know how much love and support she has gotten as well! My mom is printing the blogs for her and making a book that we can have her read when she gets older. I think she will love it! All the love is helping her get so much stronger to make her come home that much faster! She is over 2 months now and every week she is changing into a beautiful little baby! She is more awake then she has ever been. She is learning that she has an opinion and expresses it! She knows when it is time to eat and she will fuss until she feels her belly getting fed! Her nuc is her best friend! She grabs onto mom and dads fingers o so tightly as she always has! She looks right up at you when you talk to her! She recognizes voices and she smiles and looks for you. She lifts her head off of the blanket as if she was older than she is! She loves spa day! She kicks her feet about and waves her arms in the water. Dad gives her a good scub down! She has a certain way she loves to cuddle! Laying up on our chest with her body horizontal and her head tilted backwards so she looks up at us! Overall we are pretty pleased with everything she is doing thus far! Everything that we have went thru is so worth it when you get to hold and see your little baby girl staring up at you smiling so big!


  1. Josh and Amber You guys are truly blessed Yes you lost little Ayden, for some reason God wanted him and not Brielle. You guys are wonderful parents and should be very proud of how you are handling everything, I know it is NOT easy and you do get depressed now and then, that is only human nature You are holding on GREAT the finish line will be TOTALLY worth all you have gone through. Brielle is an amazing human being she's adorable, she's precious. she's a fighter and She's ALL YOURS!! Good thoughts are going out to her and all our prayers . Take good care. Love Debbie

  2. I am just amazed at all the progress over the last couple weeks! She is doing sooo well! Sure wish she could be at the shower this weekend...Praying she stays this healthy and will be home soon! One more day closer to bringing her home! Love you guys!