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Monday, September 27, 2010


Brielle is 7lbs! So hard to believe! Shes definately came along ways from her 1 lbs 6oz! Were still battling the pooping issues! Had to give her glycerin yesterday & in a matter of minutes its coming out the sides of her diaper! Im glad it works atleast! So hard to see her struggle like that! I think she is trying to poop again because she is just cranky and fussy!! We have a pretty mellow week this week which is nice!! No appointments!


  1. Josh and Amber Hard to believe after all this time she is finally at a normal weight of a newborn-she SURE HAS come a long long way. She truly is a fighter. How wonderful for you to have a little normalcy in your life. Hope all continues to go well. Take good care Love Debbie C U Wed.

  2. YEA! 7 lbs...that what Chase was when he was born! Josh told me saved the changing for mommy..lol I'm sure he will get his turn! After you sent me those pictures lastnight I thought she was going to be tubeless...then I read the message again:( It won't be long now though! Love you guys!