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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Getting adjusted

Well we have made it thru the first few days!! The first night went great and mom and dad got way more sleep than ever expected! Then the 2nd night came. Oh my! Those monitors were beeping saying she wasnt breathing atleast 6 times in 8 hours. I dont know if she really wasnt or not. Sometimes if she is moving around she can throw of an alarm so its more about watching her than listening to the alarm, but when your sleeping you cant do that so we just react as if she isnt breathing. But last night she only stopped once. It went from a brady to an apnea and when I put my hand on her she wasnt but then she took a deep breath. Everyone says how scary it is but its just our life. We would have denied her coming home if we werent okay with it. The wonderful nurses have showed us what to do in that situation. In 99% of the cases we dont need to do anything, she comes out of it herself. I asked the nurse because I was concerned she had so many last night and she said as long as she doesnt need alot of stimulation and help coming out shes not concerned. She said shes only 37 5/7 weeks so she will grow out of it soon. She had her first nurse visit to the house yesterday and she has another today. Their scale says she is up to 5lbs 9oz. She is eating like a champ!! she is taking between 50-60ML every feeding. 30ML is an ouce so shes nearing 2oz every 3 hourish. We are all settling pretty nicely I'd have to say! We are learning her noises and what she wants when she does certain things. She doesnt cry she just grunts and makes like little spitting sounds with her mouth when shes mad. This morning she was rutsing around in her bassinet so I thought she was hungry, but nope she just wanted to cuddle with her mama :) Got that one figured out :)


  1. Josh and Amber It is so great hearing how well you guys are adjusting. It is all a big big change in your life, all things now WILL revolve around your children. I'm so glad to hear how you are adjusting to the monitors and such - it sounds as if you are pretty "at ease" with them and that's awesome, because I believe Bri can feel how you are so at ease with taking such good care of her. Having a new baby to take care of for the first time is always a challenge , let alone a preemie, you are a pro. Good thoughts and continued prayers being sent. Take good care Love Debbie

  2. I love the last two sentences of your post :D Snuggle Bug :D

  3. You three are adjusting just great as a family! She's been to the Mall twice this weekend:) Grandpa told me...hehehe...He seen her more than me this weekend:( Sounds like she is doing wonderful and so are both of you! She is growing fast! Isn't it wonderful to be able to take her and show her off??? Love the surpise pictures on my phone...keep them coming:) BRI IS HOME! Now to get rid of her wires...sounds like it won't be long:) Love you guys! Hope to see you at Doggy Day!

  4. 30 ML = an ounce?? It sounds like so much more!! I am learning so much through your blog. I'm sure you have other things you'd rather be doing but I hope you continue to make time to journal the big and small milestones for Miss Bri. It is SO interesting...thanks! And did the nurses tell you when you'd receive YOUR nursing degree?? :) Man...you've learned so much in the last three months it's like your ini an accelerated degree program! You are doing great...keep up the good work! (And hopefully get some good sleep ever so often!)