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Thursday, September 2, 2010

1st night.....

Brielle had a very good first night home!!! We werent sure what to expect of course so we were just going to wing it!! We kept her on her every 3 hour feeds as the NICU had her on, but at 10:30p she didnt want to wake up for nothing. Nurse Kathy told me when I asked that I could let her go as much as 5 hours but dont let her exceed that so I thought, well I'll let her go and see if she wakes to eat. I set my alarm for 12:30a just in case. She never did wake up, so good thing I set it! She took 50ML at 12:30a then 55ML at 3:30a & 53ML at 6:45a. Shes definately a good eater! Then we got to the Dr at 8:30a and she took another 20ML well before her normal 3 hours were up! Grow baby grow! The dogs are taking to her pretty well. The older one, my baby, Chloe still is hesitant and will go up to her when SHE feels like it. She usually stays in the other room but can still see us. She is moping around but she will get used to it eventually! Gabbi on the other hand............She was so excited Josh had to hold her back cuz she was going to lick Bri to death! It was cute. So we were doing some laundry and catching up on our 3 months worth of chores that stacked up and came back in the room and Gabbi was laying right next to Brielle on our bed all snuggled up!! It was ADORABLE!!!! Here we thought she would be so rough with her but she truly knows she has to take it easy around her!! Brielles alarms havent been too bad now that we got the leads figured out! We had the sticky ones on her but they would keep falling off her chest and then it would alarm. Not a big deal right? WRONG! These alarms are for when she stops breathing and they are EAR PIERCING!!! It happened twice last night when we were sleeping and you all probably would have laughed your butts off watching Josh and I spring out of bed. Never seen Josh got out of bed that fast! Maybe I can keep it for when he goes back to work!! :) All in all, we got more rest than expected! Brielle is a very good baby so far! She rarely fusses and hasnt cried yet. We just cant stop staring at her! :) We are so happy shes finally home!!!!!! Had to go visit our nurses tho today! We missed them already! Kathy knew she would have Bri withdrawls so she hid some of her stuff :) On the way to the hospital, I said to Josh that it was probably a good thing we forgot stuff cuz I needed my Kathy time as much as Kathy needed her Bri time :) The nurses have become our family and thats whats hard about being home! I cant see all their smiling faces weekly! But we will try to stay in touch as long as possible! I want them all to come to Brielles wedding :) Not that I'm pushing her to grow up or anything........


  1. Isn't it funny how you don't get tired of watching a baby?? I found that amazing, too. One word of advice: make sure your pathway to her bed is clear at night! It sounds like you two run like the speed of light!! Hate to hear about one of you tripping in the dark! Of course, it doesn't sound like your feet touched the ground anyway.... :) Sounds like you had a great day/night.

  2. Josh and Amber Wow It sure sounds as if you guys adjusted pretty quick like with your new family addition. I'm SOO very happy for you. It sounds as if you are quite comfortable with all her wiring and such, that's great that you aren't "scared" with it. Praying that all continues well with Brielle. Enjoy every second, beleieve it or not, they grow up fast!! God's blessings. Take good care Love Debbie

  3. She certainly is a content baby! I know what you mean by staring at her, when I was there tonight I could just hold and stare at her all night! She is just so amazing! I had no doubt after seeing how you were in the NICU with her that you would do just fine at home! BRI IS HOME!!! Love you guys!