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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Original Due Date

So today is the date the twins were planned to arrive!! Of course they had plans of their own and came 16 weeks early!! Its hard to believe she is considered "Full term" and a "newborn" now. All the talk of "when shes full term" she will do this and that. Well its time Bri!! Your day has come! Now do big girl stuff!! Of course not!! She will do that on her own time and will as well :) As I look back (only 3 months, 2 weeks, and 4 days ago) Alot has taken place, good and bad in our lives. The changes have been incredible! I have longed to be a mom and I am a mom finally! The exhaustion has set in, but I am never too tired to jump out of bed and turn off that alarm. And feed her of course! The best part of my day is when she looks up at me and gives me that smile, that really is just gas! She makes us laugh all day! She will rumble your leg and then have a funny grin on her face! She will go from a face of smiles to a face that wants to belt out a cry! We could sit and stare at her all day!

My blog has a "Stats" tab that I can look at. I was AMAZED at the numbers!!!
Here are the numbers:
Pageviews today 55
Pageviews yesterday 88
Pageviews last month 3,715
Pageviews all time history 12,049

I knew quite a few people are following but I did not know that 55 people atleast looked at the blog today :) and 12,000 since I started it alittle over 4 months ago! Makes it all worth the few minutes I take to write a little blurp! And I'll admit! Its kind of relaxing for me!

Thursday when we brought her to the Dr. she weighed 6lbs 10oz. So now being Sunday Funday I'm sure she is around 6lbs 13-14oz. Hard to believe she should reach 7lbs this week! Their goal is for her to put on an ounce a day. So every 16 days she should gain a pound! But my little chunker surprised me!!! I fed her 60ml (2oz) at 4pm and between 4-6pm she ended up taking 4oz total (120ml) That is impressive for her!!! She just couldnt get enough! We didnt even force her to eat she got so mad when we took it away! But speaking of eating, Little Miss must sense I'm talking about her and she wants to eat now! Motherhood is calling...............


  1. Josh and Amber What wonderful reading again. You do such an amazing job, Brielle is just going to be baffled when she gets old enough to read and fully understand everything that Daddy, Mommy, herself and Ayden went through on this "journey". One day down the road, when she herself becomes a mommy she will really feel the ultimate kind of love a parent has for their child as you and Josh have and are experiencing. I'm so happy for you. Praying that things continue to go good. My mom was so excited tonight, she called to tell me she got to hold Brielle today. Awesome!! Thanks again for the update. Good thoughts and prayers for your family. Take good care Love Debbie

  2. Hard to believe that today would have been her due date because we have had so much time to enjoy her already!!! Time sure goes fast..atleast for grandma it does...maybe it's the age:) Before you know it she will be having her first Christmas!!! OMG can't wait to see her eyes light up with all the lights! And her first picture with Santa...ohhhh boy this is going to be fun!!! Glad to hear the alarms are getting to be further in between:) Can you believe almost 7 pounds???? Glad I didn't offer to buy those nurses 7 pds of fudge, not that they wouldn't deserve it!!! But then she wouldn't be home either! Hopefully daddy will be able to show her her first big buck soon...So happy she is doing sooo well! Love you guys!

  3. Wow....amazing statistics!! Amber--it is so interesting to keep up with your daily blog. I agree with Debbie, you do a great job capturing the day in a few paragraphs. I'm certain you're an inspiration for others who may be going through similar situations. In fact, my sister's daughter has a friend whose baby (Dylan Noah Hill) arrived last week at 1#6oz!

    Knowing what we know now, Little Dylan has a lot of work ahead of him but we also know he's in great hands at Theda's NICU.

    So glad your family is home and getting on track where things are almost normal.

  4. HI Amber, I know your sister, Emily thorugh work. She was keeping me posted, and awhile back sent me the link to your blog. I log on weekly to see how your little mircle is doing. I have prayed for her many times, so I enjoy your blog so much to see how well she is doing. I too had a baby that spent time in the NICU and think it was heaven sent. You are a great mommy and I'm thrilled things are going so well.
    -Another Emily