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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Brielles home AGAIN

Brielle came home today around 4pm. She is now on caffeine once a day. Shes soo much like her dad! She needs her morning mt. dew!! Just like Dr. Debbie says...She looks like her mother and acts like her father :) She is on 1/16 of oxygen which is pretty low! lowest we've been able to get her yet! Her sats are 98 but her heart rates been low all day. Its 120 right now. Shes usually like 150s. She was that way in the hospital so they didnt seem to concerned about it. But I dont want to wean her oxygen too fast and make her crash. So we will just leave her for awhile and let her get used to being home. She was swinging in her swing when we got home and she liked that for awhile! Then I just layed her on the couch to sleep and she liked that even better. The dogs are crazy all over trying to get used to her. Think they've never seen her! Daddys enjoying snuggling on the couch right now with her. Tonights spa day! Were trying to settle back into our routine as "A family".


  1. Josh and Amber What some wonderful news!! It is great news that you have your precios bundle home again. Let us all hope and pray that she JUST continues to take steps forward now and no babysteps backwards. I'm sure you are all happy to have your family together again. Always have Ayden close to our hearts, he's doing a great job watching over his precious sister. You all take good care. Prayers of thanks being said. Love Debbie

  2. Ohhhh it was so nice to see the smiles again on your faces tonight!!! She is so precious! Pray she is home to stay! Except visits of course:) Keep her tucked in for awhile and enjoy having her home where she belongs!!! Love you guys!