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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Still in the NICU

Well Brielle is going on her third night in the NICU now. They are still holding her hostage til she poops and gains weight. She pooped after she got her enema. I do not believe she lost weight because when she was in the ER they didnt take the 2 heat packs off her leg and arm. And they are pretty big and add some weight. When we got to the NICU the admitting nurse didnt weigh her because she was just weighed in the ER. So I do not think she lost any weight. She is 6lbs .1oz tonight!! Finally hit the 6 pound mark! of course she had to do it in the NICU! We tried telling her if she missed her nurses that much that we are welcome to go visit and leave! But its unacceptable to make that big of a drama fest over missing her nurses :) Everyones been great!! I was under the impression Thursday she would be coming home Friday. Then Friday came and it was Saturday which I was okay with. Then today Josh tells me at work she cant come home and I broke down. I think I reached my breaking point today. It was a VERY emotional day for me to say the least. I feel so bad that she was so constipated and in pain and then had that horrible freak mom and dad out moment! And then she had to be readmitted to the NICU which was my worst nightmare from the day we left! And now its going on 3 days not just overnight like originally planned. I just couldnt handle it! I know its in the best interest of Brielle! I really do! Its just she came home and wasnt supposed to go back! But once again nothing in our lives has gone as planned! Our pregnancy didnt go anywhere near planned! Our plan of two healthy beautiful babies came out as one little miracle and one angel baby! And why would we think it would continue normally? Brielle can stop being a drama queen any day now!!! Her nurse Kathy was telling her that and that she cant come back except to visit and Brielle gave her "the lip" It was so funny! So we are praying that they give us the OK tomorrow to bring her home and hopefully keep her home forever!!


  1. Josh and Amber So very sorry to hear about your VERY rough last few days At least her setback wasn't really anything due to a "medical" problem I don't mean to belittle what had happened but you know what I mean, being constipated can be an easy fix if that is what was wrong and created all the frantic Thursday night. She is in the best place to be sure all is good, I'm sure Brielle can't wait to get back to her home with her wonderful mom and hero daddy. Continued prayers of hope and thanks going out as always. Take good care. Love Debbie Bri No more scares please you will be giving your parents gray hairs before their times ha ha

  2. Awww...she'll be back home soon. Hang in there. (Although I think you two have heard THAT quite enough already.) When my mom was at Theda in the ICU last year, once in a while I would just go sit in their little chapel for a while...I'd feel renewed with hope that things would get better. You have God's little angel, Ayden, always watching over you three...let him help you through the stressful moments. Hugs...

  3. Bri will be home soon! She just wants to make sure that when she does come home nothing like this happens again...so sometimes the wait and knowing that she is in good hands is ok...Love you guys!