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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Worst Nightmare come true

Well its official!! I always had a worst nightmare that Bri would come home and have to go back to the hospital. It came true tonight! We were on our way to Joshs moms house and as soon as we pulled up Brielles monitors were going off and her heart rate and sats were dropping FAST!! I jumped out of the car and yanked her carseat out of its base and set it behind my seat and grabbed her as fast as I could and started stimulating her like normal. This time she wasnt reacting to it at all. Her heart rate kept dropping further and further and she got bluer and bluer. Josh grabbed her from me and tried and nothing. We took her to the grass and layed her down to try and then Rodger got home and we both yelled she isnt breathing. Rodger came running over and Josh and Rodger grabbed her and her oxygen and monitors and we ran to the house with her. They laid her on the couch and tried to stimulate her again but she was so blue and lifeless I knew it wasnt good. Rodger said do you want to call 911. So I did. The dispatcher helped Josh with CPR but he didnt need her. He remembered the training from a week ago! As soon as the first officer arrived he got Brielle to take a nice gasp for air!! It was a miracle!!! Then the first responders got there and took over. Josh just got up and had to walk away. Pretty overwhelmed! He saved his daughters life! The paramedics just watched her breathing and made sure she stayed alert til the ambulance got there and then Josh and the paramedics took her back to Theda Clark Hospital. My worst nightmare! She went back! She was going to go to the Pediatric "Big Girl floor" but we threw in that we would prefer the NICU since we were comfortable and they all knew Bri as well. Dr Debbie was down in the ER before we knew it! She told us no return policies but she took her back anyways :) She has to be in isolation which is just her own little room in her own little corner all by herself with her own nurse. You know she is "DIRTY" since she was out in the world now lol. So all in all in the end we came up with the conclusion that she pinched her vengal (sp) nerve which runs in your neck while she was trying to push since she has been constipated all day. They say that older adults do it as well and older adults will fall off the toilet. Babies just pass our or lose their breath but cant regain their breath that quick so they need the extra help. So lets just say everyone can buy stock in Prune Juice and Glycerin because mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, and great grandmas dont ever ever ever want to experience what we experienced tonight!!! Daddy was great! Jumped right in! I was too hysterical and called 911 and went outside for a minute. All I could think of when I seen my baby laying on that couch lifeless was O god Im going to lose another one. God wasnt going to let that happen thank the lord! Ayden was DEFINATELY watching over us once again!!!!! Now me and Brielle have 2 heros in our lives.....Daddy and Ayden!!


  1. Josh and Amber Oh my OH MY OH MY MY One can not fathom what you all went through Thursday night. It just yanks my heart out. How fast things can change in a heart beat, I had just talked to you while you 3 were driving out to Cindy's. Wow!! Brielle is meant to be. She is yours. She is a cute little stinker and is testing her angel Ayden. Prayed all night that things would work out for Bri. Josh YOU TRULY are a super hero God bless you!! Your "miracle journey" keeps adding these intense chapters we could do without Miss Bri (HA HA) All in all praying all is better . Good thoughts. Take good care Love Debbie

  2. I'd like to type a comment but blinking back the tears so no one here at work can see is messing with my concentration. Let's just hope that there is only one incident like this in Bri's book and she can close that chapter for good. God be with you. He will continue to give you all the strength you need to get through the rough spots.

  3. This was one of the scarest moments in my life! Josh and Rodger acted fast, thank goodness! I think Ayden was truly watching over his family! Josh was remarkable! All the first responders, police, ambulance and even the fireman were wonderful! And very supportive, they made sure everyone was going to be OK before they left my house...Bri has one of the biggest support teams I have ever seen:) She is such a fighter, there is nothing that is going to stop her! Many prayers of Thanks were said lastnight!!! This little beauty is such a miracle! And is sooo blessed with loving parents! Its hard to watch your kids go thru this...all these tears of joy and then you see the tears of saddness and my heart just aches for both of you! With Gods grace we will bring her home again soon! We Love You Brielle Lynn Peterson!!! We want you back home so we can put those tears of JOY on your parents and grandparents face again! Words cannot express how proud I am of everyone that was here during the tears of sadness...Family is so very important, we need to be close in times like this, good or bad. We have truly been blessed and need to say our prayers of Thanks for this beautiful baby girl! Bri will be coming home!!! Love you guys!