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Friday, September 24, 2010

Same Old Same Old

Well its 6am. Up for the morning feed! Then off to work at 7. Not too much going on in our lives! Just alot of sleeping (Brielle not mom), feedings, diaper changes a7 alarms! Tom from Thedacare at home was over yesterday to down load her monitors and he was the one that taught us the CPR. So I was able to thank one more person off our list! He said he was glad we learned it but sad we had to use it. Us the same! Brielle is not gaining weight as she should be nor is she eating like she used to. She has a goal of 400ml a day and she is anywhere from 320-400. The nurses come 3x a week and say she looks and sounds good so not too sure what her deal is. Shes been stuck at 6lbs 13oz for 3 days. Shes too sleepy to eat. We try everything it just doesnt work. So they were talking about uping her caloris if she doesnt gain weight at todays visit. Well I have to wake dad up now to take over the feed as I type 1 handed so I can go to work. Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. Hmmm...I left a comment yesterday and it didn't post. Be nice if I could remember what I posted! :) Oh! I remember some of it--you know what's going on when they're sleeping?? They GROW! So, she may be stalled at 6#13oz but I bet she'll take off again soon. Maybe she's making believe (or celebrating!) that she's finally a newborn. Newborns usually hold steady or lose a couple of ozs when they're first born! So-o-o--she's acting normal! hehe

  2. Josh and Amber Same old same old is good, at least she is holding her own. It sounds as if she is pretty content resting in her mommy and daddy's arms and surrounded by home things and all the love any one can possibly get. Call if you need anything. I'm always keeping you in thoughts and prayers. Take good care Love Debbie

  3. She will get there fast enough we don't want her to get big soooo fast:) Love you guys!