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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our Journey

We found out Feb 16, 10 that we were having fraternal twins! We were soo excited!! Everything was going fine in our pregnancy! We had our 20 wk 4 day ultrasound May 6. We brought my mom and Joshs mom and they were both so excited!! The babies looked good!! I got home from the u/s and my stomach was pretty sore but we had an hour long scan and I just figured all the pushing down on it hurt. I went to bed early and woke at about 2:30am Fri morning. I got about 10 feet and a gush came. My first thought was I peed my pants. I went to the bathroom to clean up and get a towel. As I'm cleaning the floor about a minute from the first gush another gush came and it kept trickling. I knew something was wrong, I yelled for Josh to call the doctor. He was so confused from waking from a dead sleep. I could barely explain to him I was crying so hard. The doctor asked me 2 questions and told me we needed to go to labor & delivery immediately! That made me even more hysterical. I think just hearing those 3 words and knowing that I was too early to deliver, I was expecting the worst! Got to the hospital & I went to the bathroom and seen some blood. Again I freaked out. But it was a small amount & havent seen anymore. They did an amniotic test on me to confirm my water broke and my dr. was paged. She was here an hour after we arrived. She did a pelvic exam to determine I was not in labor and my cervix was still closed. Good news!! Then she did an u/s and our baby girl (B) had all her fluid but our baby boy (A) lost 7cm of his 8cm of amniotic fluid. I was crushed to say the least!! The unknown. Our doctor gave us all scenerios and I had no clue what to think or expect! She ordered me to be on strict hospital bedrest til the babies arrive! Its only MAY!! They arent even due til SEPTEMBER! Thats 4 months away!! What am I going to do? How will my babies make it? What is going to be the outcome? 1,000s of questioned filled my brain! None of which can be answered by anyone except time. I just have to wait it out!! Here its 5 days later & I'm still pregnant! Babies heartbeats are holding steady and my little girl is "sassy" as the nurses say. She is kicking the doppler and she swims away when they try to hear her. I had contractions Sunday night that were horrible! But other than that our stay has been pretty uneventful! I cant express enough thanks to all of our family, friends, co-workers, and nurses!! They have all been such great support teams!!! Our eyes were placed in front, because its more important to look ahead than to look back!

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  1. This is awesome Amber! I'll be checking it often!!!