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Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 13th, 2010

So far everything is the same still. Just one more day marked off the calendar!!! We had an awesome nurse last night that let us customize the schedule so Josh could hear the heartbeats before he went to bed last night and then asked us when we wanted the first one for this morning so we did 4:45am so he could hear it before he went to work. He likes to hear them to know everything is kosher and he says it makes his day go alittle faster and easier. Baby A was 155 and Baby B was 152. Both actually cooperated this morning!! When they do the heartbeats they are looking for a heartbeat in between 120-170. We havent had one below 130. That was the first night we got here for baby A. So so far our little Ps are hanging on strong!! They are fighters!! Dr. Ramsey was in already this morning and she said things are looking great!! Keeps me down that much longer!! No signs of infection or blood clots and heartbeats are going strong!! Good news!! I was reading that every day the babies stay in is 5 days less in the NICU. Wowza! Thats pretty huge!!! I will just keep em cookin!!!

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  1. Ohhh this is GREAT news!!!! I get more excited every day!!! Thats awesome that the nurses are working with you guys to make things easier!!! You and Josh are so strong! We are so proud of both of you! If those babies of ours are as strong as you guys, you will be done cookin in no time:) Love you guys! Absolutley love this blog thing! Something to treasure forever!