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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Chillin like a Villian

Dr. West was in early this morning and said everything looks good and he wishes he had a crystal ball to tell us what the end outcome would be, but unfortunately he just cant! Which we know and probably thats the hardest part is taking it minute by minute and just waiting! Emily and Anthony have spent all morning with me and Mike stole Josh to go shoot sporting clays. Anthony says to me "whatchya doing auntie Amber?" and I replied "chillin" he says "chillin like a villian?" lol I laughed so hard!!! The things this 3 year old says!! It was kind of like he had chicken nuts for lunch Friday. lol He meant nuggets. A's heart beat was 150 and B was 155. Still pretty much the same. Late last night our little boy must have been jumping around. He was up to 160. We made it to the 22 week mark today!! woohoo!! 2 more weeks today and we can start the steroids and babys chances of survival go up from 10-15% to 80-90% on May 30th. Thats our milestone were counting down too!!


  1. You go girl I know you can do it!!!! I am amazed at the percentage difference!!! Pretty soon those babies won't be able to jump around in there..there will not be any room...they will need to come out and go to the gym...or Nana's:) Love you guys!

  2. YAY!!! You are almost at the first milestone!! I can't believe how fast this past week went compared to the first week you were there(maybe it just went by fast for me lol)! OK this maybe a dumb question but can people bring you food and stuff or do you have to eat that oh so yummo hospital food all the time?

  3. Lots of protein!!! Rodger says nuts are the best!!! Love you guys!