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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Emotions run high!

Pretty emotional day so far! Ive cried all day! Hormones are so high! Took heart beats this morning and a was 176 and B was 148. Normal hb is 120-170 so we knew A was high and I kinda questioned the nurse and she said it sounded fine just accelerated. So I took her word. Dr. Ramsey came in and asked me what the hbs were and she was concerned at the 176. She said that it could mean many things. Such as it was just accelerated for a min, his cord is pinched, he isnt getting enough fluid (&I leaked alot last night so I worried) or he got the infection I had. All was possible and she couldnt tell me exactly why he was so high. So she ordered for the nurses to recheck his hb. And I raised some questions about a possible bladder infection so she had them do that. They found out that his heartbeat now dropped to 140. I havent heard back from Dr. but I'm assuming it is ok and it was just accelerated. Another mom on my support group had her girl at 178 this morning and now shes at 144. So Not uncommon but when the doctor tells you more bad scenerios than good who wouldnt lose it! I did! My urine came back and theres blood in it. I asked the nurse what causes that and she said Kidney infection or stones. She wanted to talk to Dr ramsey before she said anymore.


  1. Sooo glad your in a great hospital and the docs and nurses are right there!!! Keep me posted tomorrow..hopefully it's gonna be a better day for everyone:) Love you guys! Going to bed early and waking up to a NEW DAY:)

  2. I can imagine why all of your emotions are flowing. I am so happy that you and the babies have been making positive progress (tearing up as I read the blog posts!). Think about you guys all the time and wish the best!!!