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Monday, May 24, 2010


Well heading says it all! Fluids up!! Baby A went from 1.1 last week (we were told 1.6) to 2.2 and for the first time Ive heard Baby B was 9.06 last week and now she is at 11.6!! So good numbers! Dr. Ramsey was VERY pleased!! She said for being in here 2 wks 3 days that we are doing great! Shes loving the fluids going up! I have to do the standard glucose test Sunday for gestastional diabetes and then after the test is done I start the steroids Sun. Cant start til test is done because steroids raise your blood sugar. Then Monday I will get the second dose of steroids. Then we wait some more!! And when the babies decide to come (crossing fingers for AFTER 28 weeks-July 1st) then they will give me one more dose of emergency steroids. So seems pretty promising! Lots of good news! Did a culture to make sure infection is gone so I hope it is!! Babys are very active today!!! Even ultrasound guy said that! lol Kicking me galore!! Fun to feel tho! Josh still tries to feel them and tries to rile them up every night. What are dads for huh! lol He doesnt just do that to his nephews!!! hehe


  1. Great! Betcha all them weekend beers helped get the fluids back up. (After all, there's a couple of Simon's in there and we all know how much they love their beer!)

    Love the good news! Hope to visit later this week!

  2. So glad to hear that everything is back on track and going so well! When I was pregnant I loved feeling the baby kick, except when he found my ribs! Ouch! I can only imagine what it feels like to have two.

    Thinking of you and your growing family! Take care momma!

  3. Ohhhh this is such wonderful news!!! Was so worth waiting for over the weekend! Can't wait for you to turn up that oven this weekend:) Or add some air to that tire:) Love you guys!!!