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Friday, May 28, 2010

Gaining Weight!

Had our ultrasound this morning, & I just asked the tech what the fluids & weights were at since I'm impatient!! He gladly told me!!
Baby A is weighing in at 1 lb 8 oz. give or take 4 oz since he is so squished with low fluid its hard to get an accurate weight. 4 weeks ago he was 15 0z. His fluids the same (2.3cm) which Im still not sure how I feel on that one. I lost ALOT of fluid Wed night & tried to hammer the fluids yesterday so maybe it was lower yet. But on the other hand Im just glad he didnt lose more and atleast stayed the same. The tech did say his bladder was full so it would go up more, as long as I dont leak more. Its just a vicious cycle! He is head down laying acrossed my pelvis. Heart beat was 146.
Baby B is weighing 1 lbs 5 oz. She was 13 oz. 4 weeks ago. Her fluid is at 13cm. Big difference from her brothers :( She is laying acrossed my belly with her head to my left side & her back about my belly button. She was very active! Her arms are always flying around!! Heart beat was 157.


  1. Thanks for the updates!! Good luck this weekend!

  2. This is such encouraging news!!! Hope you enjoyed the puppy visit! Gonna miss you at Chase's graduation...Josh can tape it and bring it up to the hospital:( It's gonna be a hot one in the gym...Love you guys! Oh and Josh...I love my HAT! THANKS!!!