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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Great christmas!

I hope everyone had a GREAT christmas!! We sure did! It was amazing to have our little girl free of cords and wires! She is one spoiled little girl!! She has a mound of toys!! We layed her in her boppie the other night and took a picture of her with all her toys around her! My goodness!! If she only knew!!! She got this catepiller and if you touch his feet he either plays noises or music. Brielle caught on right away!! It was so funny! She was banging her hands down on is feet and watching the lights go! Amazing! She got her first 2 dolls from Grandma Cindy. Diapers, Vtech books, a ball game that shoots balls into the air, an activity table, clothes, blankets, her first fishing pole (thanks uncle Chase!), baby food, wipes, cereal, and numerous ornament! The list goes on and on!! Ayden was also blessed with quite a few gifts this year! He got alot of ornaments and a helicopter that is floated with a magnet, & a cherub that can sit in his memory cubby. We werent expecting anything for the little angel but it was well appreciated! Never forgotten!

Brielle is changing everyday! Its amazing to watch! Today for instance, she realized she had toes! She was sitting on my lap and all of the sudden looked down and was staring at her bare tootsies! I brought her hand to her toes and she was wiggling them and kept grabbing them. It was adorable! Her smiles are still endless and she is getting more babbly and giggly! She definately lets you know when she is NOT happy! Dont take that bottle out of her mouth or move her if shes content! (uh uhm dadddy). She screams bloody murder!! For heaven sakes! She doesnt do well being moved if she is sleeping. She will fall asleep on me and when we put her in her swing shes awake! But she goes to bed very well in her bassinett! She loves that bassinett! Thanks Great Aunt Nancy! Christmas day she was sooooo mad! Screaming and crying! We took off her jammies cuz she worked herself up so much she was hot, that worked for 2 minutes. I tried to settle her, dad tried, nothing! I finally said bring her up and put her in bed. It was only 6:45 but she was over tired and she zonked out! We took a nap this afternoon and I was sleeping on the couch and she was on the other couch and I woke up to her with her feet up on top of her wet wipe container kicking away and cooing and gigglying! No crying to say she was awake she thought she would just play til mom woke up. My baby is growing up! She isnt even that cuddly anymore since she realized she would rather sit and stand than lay! I guess it was gonna happen but come on your only 7 months girlfriend! She follows us around the room until she cant nomore! She knows who we are and where we are going and she loves to sit and watch TV with us.

Brielle has now been discharged from her at home nurses!! Her main nurse says she is looking wonderful and gaining weight well! (up to over 12lbs already!) We had to do her sleep test last night. We just put the oxy probe on her foot to read her oxygen and now the pulmonalogist in Milwaukee will read it and let us know if she needs oxygen at night. Its been a week and a half already so Im hoping she wont! We will See!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching Brielle and Josh interact. I have the best husband and Brielle has the best father! He is always making her laugh and smile and he is so good with her! Hes not hesitant at all to tell me to go back to bed during the late night feeding while he handles it. He loves to give her her baths. And boy o boy you should hear those two! Making duck sounds and giggling its so freaking adorable! My heart just melts! I always knew he would make a great dad watching him with the 3 nephews but its a whole new level now when its your own!

Brielle has her hernia surgery scheduled for Feb. 9th at 7:30am. She cant eat after midnight. Ya okay! Try telling her that! How on earth do you make a 7 month old not eat for almost 8 hours??????????? I will be waking her at 11:45 to eat and try to get 4 oz in her. Im sooooo not looking forward to that day!!!!!


  1. Josh and Amber Just caught up on your blogs I have been so busy I haven't turned my laptop on for almost 2 weeks. It is wonderful hearing all of these great stories on Brielle and how well she is doing She has been a fighter from "get go" and has proven this to EVERY one including her doctors and nurses. I'm sooo happy for you guys I've always known you would be great parent material, you two have a special bundle from heaven and Brielle is very lucky to have you two as her parents You three will ALWAYS have a closeness and a special bond like no other, with Ayden always being in the center. I'm glad to hear all went well for Bri's 1st Christmas-she desserves everything she got, she has earned every right to be SPOILED spoiled SPOILED!! Keep up the excellent work. Thanks for the up dates, you do such a great job. Take good care Love Debbie

  2. My goodness! She IS changing SO rapidly now! Well, I suppose she always was on the fast track but in ways that didn't show so much. How fun to read about her sweet little giggles and how quickly she catches on to play things. I think a lot of Christmas wishes came true this year...Go, Brielle!