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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We are Cordless!

You read correct! Monday night we got a call from Childrens Hospital Milwaukee after I called Dr Kranik (pediatrician) telling him Brielle was off oxygen for 3 days now, Now what?? So he wanted us to go to Milwaukee to see a pulmonalogist. Well we didnt think it would be so soon, but they wanted us in Milwaukee (2 hours away) at 7:50 a.m. So I took off work and away we went! The doctor was MORE than pleased with her! She said she is a model 24 weeker! She is doing exactly what they would like to see! SO She said that we can stop using the oxygen and her monitor! We will do "spot checks" on her thru out the day and we will keep it until she is 1 years old. The purpose of keeping the oxygen and monitor is in case she gets sick Oxygen will be her best friend and help her thru the cold! I am MORE than comfortable with that! Better safe than sorry! Brielle will have a sleep study so to speak done to make sure that when she is sleeping she is being well oxygenated. That will probably be done tomorrow night. It is the same monitor she is wearing right" now but this one has a recorder in it and will be downloaded to the Milwaukee Dr for her to read the results. She doesnt have alarms at night so I am sure that she wont need oxygen at night! She did VERY good at the Dr today! We first had to do a chest xray and they put her in this like high chair seat and then they velcroed her arms up above her head and then her whole chest was velcroed to the back of the chair so she couldnt move. She did AMAZING! The 3 girls taking the xray just loved her (as everyone usually does) and said how well she was doing! She never cried until mommy tried to dress her. Go figure!! She had to have a blood gas drawn after we seen the pulmonalogist and she didnt even cry when she got her heal poked! She was a saint!! Even in the car!!

I have never known what a "term" baby feels like. Therefore, all the cords were normal and just a part of my day. Today felt alittle weird! I still find myself searching for the cord making sure its not pinched in her carseat base, or lifting her higher than normal so I didnt pull her monitor off her foot. Or this morning I changed her diaper and I was going to leave her there because I forgot I can take her with me room to room now. I can just dress her without having to put her monitor cord thru one of her pants legs and put a onesie on her from her legs up instead of over her head due to her oxygen. It is going to take me alittle while to get used to this new child of mine! But I have to say, it hasnt even been a full day and IM LOVING IT!!!

Brielle is getting big before my eyes! She is starting to rub her eyes when shes tired. She is mocking our sounds (like EHHS) She is having little giggles. All smiles! She is cool with being put in her bassinett to fall asleep instead of being rocked to sleep :( Sadest of all! She follows as we leave the room or dangle toys in front of her. Shes just all around growing up! Its amazing! I truly can say that I am blessed with one amazing miracle baby!! The more I hear it from doctors and therapists who have seen it all, the more I "Get it". Ive always known she is a miracle but I havent understood the great things that she is exceeding that even older gestation babies dont do.

I am pleased to have my xmas wish come true! I said I wanted a cordless baby for xmas and I GOT IT! My little angel is definately kicking his sister in the heiny!


  1. So happy for all 3 of you! I still remember the day Molly went off oxygen for good. It was a very good day indeed. Take care!

  2. We are cordless!! Yay!! Those three little words are SO precious!! Things will just get better and better from here on out. Congrats! And...keep up the good work! She couldn't do it without your endless support.