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Saturday, December 18, 2010

24 HOURS & counting!

24 hours. 1 whole day. 1440 Minutes. 86,400 Seconds. YUP thats how long Brielle was OFF her OXYGEN!!!!! Its been exactly that plus 11 minutes. Im sooo excited I couldnt wait to post!! BUT Im hoping I dont jinx her!! I was alittle stand offish last night to not turn her back on while we went to bed, so we turned up her alarm settings so that when she hit 85 she would alarm us instead of her normal 79. She didnt have any alarms!! I woke up for work at 5am and ran to the oxygen tank thinking Josh turned her back on since her sats were 98! NOPE a big ZERO on the tank setting!!!!! I was so excited! We are house bound and Im actually okay with it. After she got sick the last time and we seen how much it affected her oxygen needs, it forces us to stay home that much more! Xmas will be tough since we love to go to all the houses we are invited to, but its about Brielle. And she cant get sick!! Period!

I was talking with a my bestie today as a customer walked by hacking her lungs up! She said "UGH go home! I dont want what you have!!" I said "EXACTLY!" I have to shelter my preemie and not go anywhere because everyone else is inconsiderate by going out when they are sick. But yet we are punished! We are the ones that have to stay home and cant go anywhere for fear of "Germs" It makes everyday life that much harder! I cant just run to Walmart quick for a gallon of milk for fear of...Yup you guessed it...SICK PEOPLE! And what is it about people coughing and not covering their mouths? Or Sneezing and not covering their nose?? And the worst part of it, I go somewhere and then come home to my preemie that cant leave her bubble and I could still be carrying the "GERMS" They are everywhere!!!!!!! OKay Vent OVER! hehe

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