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Thursday, December 2, 2010

6 Months old & 3 Months at home!

So Brielle is 6 months old (well Yesterday). Adjusted age of 2months 1week 5days. hehe. Hows that for exact?? (By the way the top of my blog tells ya her age! Im not bored!!) Anywho.....She weighed in at 10lbs 14oz!! Monday she goes for her 6 month shots :( & we will find out her height. Its hard to believe its been 6 months already! I think with everything going on (3 months in the NICU, 3 months home) it just flew by!!! Its hard to believe that xmas is right around the corner!! I feel like this year just passed us by!! We basically spent spring, summer, and some of fall in the hospital. And now we are pretty much housebound again til April til flu and cold season is over. O The life of a preemie! But we wouldnt change a thing! We love our little girl with all our hearts! She is our miracle, sweetie pie, pumpkin, little stinker, little fighter, beautiful girl that lights up our life!

Brielle is ALL SMILES! Its soooooooooooo great to talk to her and have her respond with a smile!!! A dream come true!! When she first came home, I told her she can just smile and stay that small! Well now that she smiled, I told her she can just sit and then HAULT! But Im sure when that happens it will be, just crawl then stay! Then walk then stop growing! etc etc

We had Birth to 3 come to the house today. All 3 girls were VERY pleased with her progress!! Her ankles and legs have loosened up! They dont see any signs of cerebral palsy!!!! We still have one more month til its "officially" when the signs show up but the physical therapist said she doesnt see any signs she would be worried about!! She said the brain is an amazing thing!!! They put her on her tummy and she held herself up great using her arms and then they took a toy and had her follow it around to her sides and she did! And she didnt tip over!! They said thats what a 4 month old should be doing! So she is considered to be a 10 week old so she is above where she should be! Same with the fact that she loves to stand and she will collapse and bring herself back up. Her ability to control her head! To gaze and look at people when they talk to her! They were very impressed! I was too! I was on cloud 9 when they left! Its always nice to hear from a therapist that your child is defeating all odds! She has definately proven everyone wrong! It was so hard 6 months ago to know what Brielles future would be like! I think she is paving the way and showing us that she is going to be the miracle 24 weeker that she has destined to be since day 1! Mommy and daddy are soooo proud of you!! And I know Ayden is too!! Everynight when I see the bright star in the sky, I know thats Ayden smiling down saying "Go little sister Go!!!"


  1. Beautiful post! So very happy for you and most of all her!

  2. What great news! She's a baby super star! So glad to hear she's made so much progress. Thanks to the loving care of you and Josh, I might add!