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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cordless....Soon Enough!

Well its once again been a pretty boring week! The at home nurse was here again today!! Brielle is now up to 11 lbs 5oz! She is gaining weight well! And the weird part of it is, she is 6 months (3 months adjusted) and still only taking 3oz a feeding. But I spoke with Dr. Kranik about my concerns and he said that she is gaining right where she should so its no concern to him. So I say OK. We are slowly trying to get her off the O2. The cold she has in November set us back. Im not in any huge hurry to get her weaned off, but I am. I am ready to have that cordless baby!! When I pick up my neice, Johanna, it is so weird to me that I can just walk and not worry about tripping over cords, and I can go freely from room to room. Someday! Someday.....

Tomorrow Brielle goes in for her 2nd RSV shot. She DOES NOT like this one for some reason! She cries harder with this one shot than she did with the 4 shots. I made it for 5:15 so daddy can be there. Mama is a wimp! There I said it!

The smiles at this house are ENDLESS!! And I more than love it!! I do not mind 2am feedings when I get that huge smile from her! She is starting to giggle and coo. Its adorable!! Yesterday the dogs were about to be put up for sale. Scratch that..FREE! I yelled at them to be quiet and I was holding Brielle standing on my legs. I looked back at her as she was locked on my eyes and said "AHHHHHH THEY ARE DRIVING ME CRAZZZZYYYY!!" And she gave me the biggest smile and coo and giggle!!! I couldnt help but laugh and everything seemed alright! She truly is the joy in my life!!! I often wonder what I did with my time now before she was here! Daddy says hes ready for #2. I say HES CRAZY!! Im content right now with my little girl!! Shes growing up so fast Im afraid if I turn my back I will miss something!!


  1. Smiles are the best! I still remember my babies first! It warms the heart. Enjoy!

  2. Awwwww....she's cooing! I loved that. It just gets better & better...enjoy!