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Monday, January 3, 2011

Bring on the New Year

We are totally ready to welcome 2011. How bout you? 2010 was quite the year! Starting in February when we found out we were having precious twins! We had longed over a year to get pregnant and after losing our first one at only 6 weeks, this was a miracle in itself. Then, the perfect instant family! A boy and a girl! May, my water broke and put our lives in fear for our babies lives. May 31, our fears came true and we had to say goodbye to our little boy. June our little girl was born miraculously tiny! But a fighter! She fought all the way thru June, July, August and came home September 1st. Encountering so many things that a baby should never ever have to encounter. Defeating the odds. Proving so many people wrong. Putting so many smiles on so many faces. I feel that 2010 has been a bittersweet year. Bitter that we had to lose our baby boy but sweet that we have Brielle. We thank our lucky star (Ayden) every day that we have her. Our situation, although turned out bad, could have been worse. I try to hold my head up high and look at it that way even tho there are days it is hung pretty low.

New Years eve we went to a small get together at a friends and her neighbor, Leslie, was there and asked how old Brielle was and I told her 7 months but 3 months due to being a preemie. Long story short...She had had a 24 weeker 20 years ago. Unfortunately for her, Matthew only made it 3 days. But it was 3 precious days she had with her little angel. She still gets teary eyed 20 years later. It made me realize that times will be tough. But we will get thru. We wont forget Ayden, just as she doesnt forget Matthew. It also made me ever more grateful for technology and the chance Brielle had. Surfactant, a medicine that Brielle had to help her lungs, wasnt on the market yet when Matthew was born. It was still being tested. Not saying that he would have lived if he was given it, but just shows how different it all is. She had pictures she brought over to show me and O man! He looked like Brielle. So small and hairy! Even looking at the bagging they had vs the breathing machines was huge! We always think were alone in this unreal journey & then you meet other people so close to you.


  1. I can't even imagine the hurt in your heart from losing Ayden. I am sure my words mean nothing because there are no words. I just want to say I am truly sorry! No parent should have to go through a loss of their child. I hope 2011 is a happy, healthy year of love for your family! Many thoughts and prayers sent your way. Happy New Year! :)

    btw- so glad Brielle is doing so well! You will have so much fun with her this year!

  2. Josh and Amber What a heart warming long long story made shorter even though your journey was tremendously long, you always do such a good job writing. It was soo nice to see Brielle this past Sunday and it was such an "honor" to be able to hold your miracle. Hope you all have the very best 2011. Keep the faith and prayers of thanks. Take good care. Love Debbie