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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fun Weekend!

This weekend, Josh and I had the pleasure of adding 3 more kids to the house! We took our nephews who are 8, 4, and 2 plus our 7 month old. We took them bowling and then to McDonalds play land, then played hide and seek and watched a movie! It was a pretty good time! Sunday however, I tried to put Eli (2) down for a nap. He wasnt having it. When I went back in the room he had pulled off his diaper and pooped all over our bed. What a mess!!!!! But all in all we had fun with our nephews and would probably tempt it again....someday!

Yesterday Speech therapy and occupational therapy came to the house to see Brielle for the first time! Speech wants us to start her on oatmeal 2x a day next week as she is on right before bed right now since last Wednesday. She is taking it pretty well! Each day she is getting the hang of it more and more. Then in about a month we can start to introduce fruits and vegetables, which ever we prefer first. Brielle sucks her tongue and Speech seen her doing that but they said because she doesnt take a pacifier thats her way of calming herself. She will grow out of it. They also gave me a tip. When she eats the cereal she pushes most of it out with her tongue so they told us to push her tongue down with the spoon instead of putting the cereal on her top gum. Pushing the tongue down creates a swollwing effect to make her swollow. Did not know that! She also gave me some different textured finger brush and tooth brush to rub in her mouth to get her used to different textures.

Occupational therapist seen the same worry as me. She favors her left side. She always reaches with her left hand for objects and her right follows slowly behind it. So she recommended that we kind of "hold" down her left and make her reach with her right. I did that yesterday and she did fairly well with it. Also when we are playing or talking to hold her in our right arm instead of our left like we are accustomed to. This kind of holds her left arm into us and forces her to use the right arm more dominantly. Other than that she gave me lots of good compliments on everything we have been doing with her and said she is looking really good! YAY!

Brielle is getting more and more fun as the days go on! Dad takes his finger and she makes the little noises while he taps his finger against her mouth. She is gigglying and smiling sooo easily! I lay her down and take her blanket and tuck her in so to speak and gently roll her to side to side and she just giggles! I LOVE IT! Shes come sooo far and we couldnt be happier how she is progressing into a little person! She has such a personality already!

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  1. Josh and Amber Thanks for the updates. It is always good to hear how Brielle is developing and doing new things every day. It is amazing to learn about the little "tricks" the nurses have to help Bri along. Thank God for these wonderful people. Hope you all are doing good. You are always in our prayers. Take good care Love Debbie