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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Raising a preemie baby

Today Birth to 3 came to the house and was very pleased with Little Miss. She was even showing off and rolled over! She was doing good reaching for toys and putting them right in her mouth! She LOVES to stand vs laying down anymore. They wanted to see how she kicked laying on her back but Bri had other plans in mind :P

Brielle reaches more with her left hand vs her right and when she reaches she turns her hand inward kind of crooked. But they are not getting too concerned right now as she is still little and she might just be reaching to be reaching and it could be nothing. But its still something they will continue to monitor. Her legs seemed alittle stiff but she is positive its not muscular stiffness its stubborness stiffness as I call it :P She would rather stand therefore she wasnt being cooperative to let her bicycle her legs. She is talking more and more! They loved to see that!

I started my own facebook page tonight called "raising a preemie baby" if you would like to look it up and join, I'd love to have you share your experiences!! Or look me up on facebook! Amber Peterson! Have lots of pics on there!!

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  1. Josh and Amber Reading over this blog article it sounds like Miss Bri is still being herself and likes being in full control Ha Ha Very glad to hear she is still doing so good and doing different things and learning new things almost daily. She is growing fast right before your eyes. Awesome! Take good care and thanks for the update. Love Debbie