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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Growing baby!

Not much to post this week. Its been pretty low key since all of us have been sick. Dad got it last weekend then mom on Wednesday and Brielle on Friday. Ive been an OCD with the sanitizer and vicks. We blocked off our living room and have the vaporizer running and we are all camped out. We put baby vicks on the bottom of Brielles feet with socks on and that seemed to help!! If the congestion would go away Id be great!!

This next week is busy! We have the occupational therapist and the speech therapist coming tomorrow late afternoon. Tuesday I have a follow up appointment. And Wednesday we are going to Joshs grandmas cousins church to meet with a group of ladies that have been praying for Bri since she was born and want to meet her. I wish we could meet everyone that has been praying and thinking about our family, but that is unfortunately impossible. Someday maybe we will have a good chunk under our belt tho! Then after we meet those kind ladies we go to the NICU at 2pm for her developmental follow up!! I am WAY excited to stop up in the NICU after we are done there!! I miss all the nurses! Im glad to be out of there, but I wish I could have brought them all with me!!

Brielle is growing up so fast!! She was 12lbs 3oz last Wednesday. She has 2 top and 2 bottom little bugger teeth that are trying to pop! And she is NOT happy about it!! And she voices her opinion!! Her best friend is her fist! She often tries to put both fists in her mouth! Its actually pretty comical! She has realized she has a voice and she uses it! She will yell and talk and coo. Its adorable! This morning I just got out of the shower before going to work and shes in her bassinet just yacking away. I just had to smile. She didnt cry at all, just instantly started talking. Maybe to her brother. She is mocking noises. My dad was just over and playing on the floor with her and he would make a noise and she would growl back at him trying to mimick it. It was adorable. She is getting to be a wiggle worm! Josh put her on the floor today and she was doing circles. She wiggles her way off the pillow we put her on. We put her in the middle of her bassinet and every time we go back to get her she is at the very top of her bed. The smiles are still as endless as ever. Its hard to have a bad day when you just look at her and she smiles at you! It lights up our lives! She is my world. I thought I knew what love was, but I dont think I truly understood until my child came into my life! This is a whole new level of love!!


  1. Josh and Amber Hope everyone is feeling better. It's that time of the year, I know at my work a lot is going around. It sounds like Bri is growing in leaps and bounds, how awesome is that!! A parent's love is totally unconditional for their child and you will find that out every and every day. You will get such joy out of simple things as just watching their face expressions as they are playing and seeing their face light up when they spot you coming towards them. I'm so very happy for your family. Thanks for the update and good luck with all your dr. appointments this week. Take good care Love Debbie

  2. I'm sure the NICU staff gets pretty excited to see a 'grad' come back. Enjoy your visit! Sounds like Bri will have a lot to tell them and show them! :)