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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Follow Up Clinic

We have been pretty busy this week! Monday we were supposed to have speech therapy and occupational therapy come, but with all the snow, they called and cancelled. Tuesday was my appt, and today was the busiest! We went in the morning to see a group of ladies at Joshs grandmas church who have been praying for Brielle since she was born. I made them a poster with some pictures of Brielle from 5 days old to now. I brought in some books I've made her and brought that little white Prom dress she wore O so long again (okay not really that long but it sure feels like it!) When you see how little that dress is and how big she now is, Im not gonna lie, I had tears! The group of ladies were so happy to see her! One even cried and had to walk away to regroup. Happy tears, Im sure! It was so nice to see them!!! Our next stop was off to the birth center that I spent 4 weeks of my life at incubating my babies! It was nice to see those faces as well! They were low staffed so there werent many there, but Im glad to see who I did!! Then we went back down to the 2nd floor to her NICU follow up with Ann Christensen! She is such a sweetheart! Speech and occupational therapists were also there. They were more than pleases with her!! They give her a "report card" I told daddy when he got home that she gets $20 per A. And were going shopping!!!! She got all A's!!

They rate her off her adjusted age which is 4 months. She is 7.5 actual. She weighs 12lbs 11oz and 24" long! Holy moly! She rated in the following categories:

Cognitive (play skills) 4 months
Fine motor 4 months 10 days
Gross motor 5 months
Receptive language (understanding) 4 months 10 days
Expressive language (talking) 5 months.

So to sum it up...Shes doing amazing! So amazing they dont want to see her back :) Only because we have birth to 3 coming to the house and they monitor all that they do so theres no need to repeat it. But we will be going back to visit for sure!!


  1. Amazing! Simply amazing. Looks like she is fully up to speed despite all the challenges she had to overcome. What wonderful news!!

  2. Josh and Amber Oh what a wonderful report card Brielle got, you should be so proud I'm so very happy for you guys. She is surely a miracle child. Her amazing unfailing strength, your tremendous and unconditional love and care, Bri's precious guardian Ayden, and ALL the faith filled and continuous prayers by SOO many people have truly been a blessing. God bless. I want to thank you Amber for taking Brielle to my Aunt Margie's pray and praise group last Wed. I know the women there really appreciated it, some were in awe of actually seeing her doing so well-it is always nice to see a good outcome come out of all their hard praying-again thanks, that was very special of you. Thanks for all the updates on Bri-love being able to keep in touch of her. Take good care Go Pack Go Love Debbie