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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

8 months old!

Brielle is 8 months old today (4mo 2wks adjusted)She weighs 13.4 pounds!! She is getting so fun!! I know I say that all the time but seriously I just love the time I spend with her!!She is developing such a personality its hilarious! She learned she can scream, and she uses it to her full advantage (aka get mom to do what Brielle wants her too). She is in her jumperoo right now and learning to use her legs to jump. Yesterday I looked at her and told her to say "mama" well she thought that was hilarious! She giggled and giggled it was sooo cute! She also started baby food! They had me start Oatmeal and/or rice cereal 2 weeks ago and told me to start baby food in a month but she got sick of the oatmeal too quick! I even added prune juice and oatmeal with apple or banana and nada. So I gave her some squash and she chowed about a half jar! She is doing so well with the feedings!

At our nephew, Fishers, Birthday party last weekend he had a balloon bouquet with a packer balloon, bday, and a solid gold star. Josh wrapped his present and had all red stars for him me and Brielle and a gold star for Ayden. At Christmas Fisher asked why Aydens name wasnt on his gifts. Hes 8. So Fisher took his gold star balloon and had everyone at the party write a message to Ayden and let it go. It was sooo very sweet for an 8 year old to have that kind of mind set! He was very emotional as well. Even my 4 year old nephew talks to him and knows Ayden lives in the sky. It just amazes me how we dont let his spirt die. Its been 8 months and I still remember the day like yesterday. I often look at my life and wonder what it would be like to have Ayden here. What would he look like? How would he be doing? Would he be a fighter like his sister? Have an attitude like little Miss? How would our lives be? I still find myself looking at the boy clothes in stores. Something just draws me over there. Im not quite sure what thats all about.

Brielle is grasping onto things like crazy!! She loves to pull my glasses off my face, she will grab my necklace and even sleep holding onto it! She LOVES when we hand her toys and they automatically go in the mouth! She has just started to like frozen teethers! She is trying hard to sit up but doesnt care to roll over. Im starting to wonder if she will ever roll over?

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  1. Josh and Amber Well you know your little "Miss" is going to roll over when she wants to and ONLY then. She is doing awesome and you should be so proud. You and Josh are great parents and Brielle can definetly feel that. So happy for your family. Ayden will always be a big part of you and deep down your little man knows that. God Bless Prayers of thanks always being said. Take good care Love Debbie