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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Brielle has other plans!

Last tuesday we had therapy for Little Miss and of course she had her own plans. Although, I am starting to like her own plans :) Physical Therapy came at 830 to "loosen" her up before Occupational came at 9 to kinesio tape her. Right away we showed Miss Lisa how Miss Brielle has mastered her walking toy! She was pretty impressed! She was here 2 weeks prior and Brielle wanted nothing to do with it. Now shes a crusing diva! She stretched her hamstrings and said those felt pretty loose! (Yaya mom and dads work pays off again)She said she has changed in 2 weeks and she just cant figure it out!! GREAT NEWS! She did point out that maybe Brielle is the type of child that will have some asymetry as she is "learning" to do a new skill. Ex. Walking with her walker, walking unassisted, scaling furniture, ect. Which has seemed to be IT thru out her short little life. The thumb for example was stiff and not working and then she crawled a few weeks later and bipassed a thumb splint!!
Then Miss Terri comes from OT and she brought another OT and a student with her since she wasnt really sure what to do with Brielle. Miss Terri said that she was stumped and felt like a liar because Brielle was looking much better than she did 2 weeks ago! I confirmed that she was indeed not this well (As in terms of her back muscles we are talking) so the other OT specialist didnt think she was crazy! Dang, I shoulda played with it :P HAHA So needless to say, they did not tape her back! PT is coming every 2 weeks now vs. once a month. There is still a possibility she could slide back and need tape, but as of now they will just watch her and keep the tape in their car (sometimes if they "threaten" Brielle she shapes up!). OT is however nervous that if we cant get Brielles "slouching" under control that there will be skin break down in her back where those bones stick out from all the pressure. So they suggested that we find or make or create some sort of stool or chair with out a back on it that she sits with her feet flat on the floor. This way she has to lean forward more to keep her feet flat to balance. They demonstarted with them sitting "indian style" and setting Brielle on their ankles with her feet flat. It worked great! So I went to walmart and found a shoe box plastic "tote" that is perfect size for her for $1! After I put her on several boxes in the aisle and people thought I was crazy, but hey this mama got the job done. She has been doing better. In the last 3 weeks she started slouching sooooo bad that she would just topple over and roll from a sitting position because she cant balance. Or she would try to pull her leg up and couldnt. It CRUSHED ME! That was the first time in along time that something Brielle did crushed me. Ive tried to stay pretty positive thru everything from the day my water broke. Therapy asked me what my biggest concern was and what I felt needed fixin now, and it was the sitting. I cant handle watching it. She used to sit so nice and straight and in a matter of time she went to slouching badly to toppling right over. This needs to be fixed. This is my determination over the next few weeks.

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