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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nurse Teri!

Tonight was orientation for the NICU parent host program that I am volunteering at our NICU Brielle was in for 98 days! I was nervous about going back in the "rooms." Nervous about what I would say to the parents. My Friend (Karen, I know you've heard me talk about her before, Kyless mom!) are both volunteering! So her and I were sitting outside the pediatric floor having some nice girl talk. Joan, one of the retired nicu nurses, asked if Nurse Teri was up there yet. I asked her if she was working, and she said she believed so! I told her to send her up if she was working! I had not seen Teri since we left! For those of you that dont remember, Teri called me the night of Aydens passing to tell us she was thinking of us, and Happy Birthday to Brielle! She is soooo sweet! There are SO many sweet nurses up there! This is another "perk" to the NICU parent host program! I get to see my "family" AKA past nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists. This I am prety excited about! These ladies (Teri) Has seen me cry when I didnt want to go to my baby showers because I felt like I shouldnt have "fun" and needed to be with my baby not being showered, they listened to my concerns, experienced the highs and lows of our stay! Some of the nurses have spent more time in the NICU with us than some of our family spends with us. (Not that its bad, thats just how it is!) Alot of these nurses have such special places in our hearts that I dont think they know they do. I can ramble off atleast 10 nurses who have touched my life in such ways!

(P.s) Teri or Terri? I never know if your one or two Rs hehe! SORRY! You know who you are!! Cuz you said you still read :) :) :X :X

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