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Friday, September 9, 2011

Just a year ago..........

A year ago Yesterday actually, was the year marker of the day Brielle stopped breathing and gave us all quite the scare. It is also the day that Jenny Echols, the 911 dispatcher, walked into our lives. She actually lives just down the road from my mom, so we have kept in touch this whole time. We actually got to see her Wednesday for an hour by chance! Wed. I had not even given it a thought that it would have been a year the next day to mention it to her. It is soooo crazy to me that this year has gone by this fast!! It seems like just yesterday I was laying in the hospital bed fighting to keep my babies in 20 more weeks. Even tho I only made it 4 weeks of the 20 weeks, I am in awe of how far we have come. This little girl amazes me daily! She has overcome almost every odd put in front of her. We were told alot of scary statistics when she was born (Even well before she was born) and we have a happy, healthy, 24 weeker. You could not tell she was a preemie if I didnt tell you. She is doing everything she should be doing for her adjusted age of almost a year. In 10 days (sept 19) would have been her original due date. Instead, the twins thought June 1 would be a good birthday!

Today, we are on our first family vacation as a family of 3. I could not be happier. She is so much fun and such a delight to have in our lives. Her smile lights up a room and lights up my life as well.

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