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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Yesterday we had Physical Therapy with Mrs. Lisa. We were showing off Brielles mad skills of climbing the stairs! She got up 2 steps and Lisa said "Hmm Not good did you hear that?" I asked her what and she said her left hip is clicking more than normal and alot more than it should be. She asked me to call the Dr while she was still there to set up an xray of her hip. She was afraid it was dislocated or she had hip displasia. YIKES. I got on the phone right away and of course, my AWESOME pediatrician, Dr. Krainik, got us in an hour and 45 min later! Xray proved everything was fine. I have mixed emotions about this, because now what is the problem! So now we have an appointment with the CP center in Depere with a pediatric rehab doctor. Not until Nov 15 tho! I hate the waiting game. The unknown. While Bri was climbing the 2 steps her hip clicked 5 times on the left and 2 on the right. So it is a bilateral clicking. Just finding out WHY shes clicking in the trick now! This kiddo never wants to have an uneventful week! I tell ya!!!

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