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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Play Date!

On our way to North Dakota, we were driving past Mineapolis, MN when it hit me that two of my lovely pProm "sisters", whos water broke around the same time as mine that I met on a support group and have kept in contact with, Lived in MN! (wow that was a run on sentence! lol) Anywho, I didnt pack much as we were frantically running out the door, but I thought, what the hell! See if they are around and see if we can meet up somewhere! They were both available! So we planned a meeting at the Mall of America! Aimee Tjader has 13 month old, Lila! Jessica Gessner lost her sweet Madeline. It was my first time at the Mall of America, as well as Brielles of course. It was SO nice to be able to meet these two ladies who I have had deep conversations for over a year! It was nice to get my arms around them both! Lilas smiles are contagious! Aimee and Jess.....I could write PAGES upon PAGES on how great those two are!!! It was amazing to be able to take alittle detour to see them!!!


  1. I feel soooo blessed to have finally met you in person and I know in my heart it won't be the last time. We love you!!!!

  2. It was so great that you texted us & took the time to meet us!!!!! THANK YOU for making it happen! Brielle is just so cute! I could have watched her & Lila play all night :-). Amber, it was awesome to finally meet you (in person). We all have such an amazing connection, that it just felt normal when we saw each other. LOVED our MOA meet!!