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Monday, October 11, 2010

We picked the best pumpkin!

Well not much has changed in the last week! Which is of course always a good thing in our lives! We did have her apnea/brady monitor downloaded Wednesday and she was having too many apnea episodes so the Dr. called us back in on Thursday for a caffeine level check and on Friday decided they needed to reload her on caffeine. So that night at 4pm we had to give her 1.5ml and then 6 hours later another 1.5ml and then daily now she gets 1.1ml. Up from her .9ml she was getting. She SHOULD have outgrown her caffeine being full term now, but she hasnt. Still our goal to get her off of the caffeine but as Brielle has shown us all in her 4 months 1 week 3 days life, is that she does stuff as she darn well pleases! Once again, "Shes the Boss." As scary as that is! That is the truth! So we just sit back and enjoy the ride for now. I can definately tell the difference tho now that she is on the higher caffeine. She is not as buzzy! Her monitors are definately quieter!

This week we go back in tomorrow for another caffeine level to make sure it theraputic. Thursday Birth to 3 is coming to the house. Early intervention and Physical Therapy are coming this time around to evaulate her. They will keep an eye on her over the next few months and make sure she is developing properly with her motor skills etc and also teaching us some excersies to do with her. They will be watching for signs of cerebral palsy as well since her risk of having it is higher.

My almost 4 year old nephew was over this morning early! And he wanted to look out my window and say "Hi" to Ayden. AWE melted my heart!!! We didnt even say anything to bring it up! My sister said he says Hi to Ayden all the time. He roasted marshmallows the other day with him. All stems back from that one night we were having a fire and I seen the one star in the sky and told him it was Ayden. He remembered. He has a memory like I've never seen on a kid!! It just brings tears to my eyes everytime that precious boy brings up my precious baby! He still lives thru us even tho he is gone. Anthony keeps asking if Ayden will come out of the sky. Its hard that he doesnt fully understand, but so special that he doesnt forget his cousin. Sometimes he will ask "Whos Ayden" but then he remembers. And he knows he is in the sky. We released the balloons at Brielles baptism and the clouds formed and X, or if you tip your head, A cross!! The balloons went right for it!!! Oct 15 is Worldwide pregnancy and infant loss day. We will let our balloons go for our little boy. We would light the candles too, but we cant with his sisters oxygen. So we will send our thoughts and love up to you little man!

I am working 5 days this week, due to it being Sweetest Day Saturday, and me being a florist. So my sister came over today and watched Brielle and my mom is coming on Wednesday. I was a nervous nelly but after 2 hours I settled down. I have full trust in my Sister and my mother on Wednesday. My sister spends alot of time with me already and knows her Ps and Qs. She knows the monitors etc. It is nice to get out and put some hours under my belt, but one week will be enough! I will just go back to my Fri Sat Sun! I'm exhausted! And I have 3 more days to go yet, and we havent even gotten to the busiest day!! Living the dream!!! HA!

We took Brielle to The Pumpkin Place on Sunday with Grandma Cindy, Auntie Ema, and Cousin Anthony on Sunday! I posted some pics! Isnt she getting some cheeks on her????? It was fun! I cant wait til next year when she should be able to walk or crawl to her first pumpkin! Daddy got a big pumpkin, mommy a medium, Brielle a small pumpkin, and Ayden got a white pumpkin. We went thru the corn maze and laughed so hard! Thought my sister was going to have her baby in the corn maze!!! It was great fun!! Even pumpkin bowled!! We spent almost all day outside yesterday, doing yard work after the pumpkin picking, and I think Brielle really liked it!! She slept good last night! Which mommy appreciated having to work today! Now tonight she is fighting daddy to go to sleep :P That a girl! (as he would say!)


  1. The pumpikin pictures are SO precious! What a great family day. Glad to hear her monitors are quieter. She'll be off them soon...just hang in there.

    Hoping to visit in the near future. She's looking cuter and cuter every day. What a precious little peanut.

  2. Josh and Amber Soo glad to hear things are at a even course so to say. She is really filling out, one can actually see some meat on her arms. On baptism I took a close up picture of her with the cross she got from Grandma Cindy laying on her arm and it really showed some plump skin-awesome. The pictures from your pumpkin outing are adorable-what a beautiful day you had; Ayden was truly with you on your fun day. Thanks for keeping us posted and up to date on things. Take good care Love Debbie

  3. What a great day it was! The best pumpkin we could have asked for this year:) Thanks for asking me to join in a fun filled day:) Love you guys!