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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cry Fest

Monday Brielle was EXTREMELY fussy and would only sleep very little and cry when she wouldnt sleep. I tried to give her anti gas drops thinking it was gas, tried to help her poo, took her temperature like crazy, checked her ears, everything I could think of and it just wouldnt stop. Wednesday I said enough and called the Dr. even though I knew Dr. kranik was off. They called him finding it odd as well she wouldnt stop crying and he had me come in and see one of the nurse practitioners and gave her some ideas such as baby heartburn. They ruled that out and still couldnt figure out what it was. They thought that maybe she was getting too much caffeine since they just got the download results and it showed that she hasnt had ANY brady or apneas in the last 2 weeks so we were able to stop her caffeine!!!! They sent us home and scheduled us an appt for Thursday morning if she was still fussy. We got home and she settled down in her swing for about an hour wide awake and HAPPY! It was a miracle that didnt last long! She was up ALL night Wednesday night. Josh and I took shifts sleeping and trying to soothe our little girl. Our hearts broke that nothing would work! I couldnt wait for 9am to roll around to get her to Dr. Kranik!! I get there after she cried in the car the whole way there, take her out and she is HAPPY! Talk about calling mom a liar! Dr. Kranik asked some questions and then quickly went to examine her. He listened to her, checked her ears, and then took her diaper down and felt her groin. Immediately she turned bright red and started to scream and cry like she was for the past 4 days. I told him this is how she has been. He asked me if anyone has told me (from the NICU) that she had a hernia in her groin. I said "NO?" He said yes and its fairly large. He stepped out and came back and asked me to take her to Theda Clark right away to see a surgeon. I cancelled my birth to 3 program that was in 30 min and went to Theda Clark. The surgeon was waiting for us. He took her diaper down and said that she had a walnut sized hernia in the right part of her groin. He said he was going to push it back in. I was like WHAT! Can you even do that??????? Dr. Kranik said that they wouldnt do surgery til she was 6 months and off oxygen, and nothing was mentioned about pushing it back in. I didnt know what to expect. I went alone thinking he was just looking at her. WRONG! She screamed and cried for the whole 15 minutes it took to get it back in. She was crying so hard that she pushed it back out on him when he almost had it in. Any type of heavy crying or pushing (constipation) will push it back out. He said to me, I will try one more time and if I cant get it to pop we will need to go straight down to surgery. WHAT? SURGERY? This wasnt the original plan. I guess I shouldnt EVER expect the originial plan with Brielle! She thinks its fun to do things Brielles way! Finally the words I was waiting sweating for, IT POPPED! I asked him again in case I heard him wrong and he said IT POPPED! He held it in place for about 3 minutes until she calmed down. He was very sensitive and was rubbing her leg trying to soothe her with me. He told me she will eventually need surgery but he would like her to be 6 months old (December) and off oxygen atleast 3-4 weeks. It is a 20 minute procedure and she will more than likely come home with us that day unless she shows any baby sat signs. Then she will be admitted just over night to be watched.

So all the pain finally made sense!! If we bumped it, it would hurt, causing her to cry which caused it to pop out which caused even more pain. A baby doesnt understand to be calm and it wont be so bad. Everytime she would try to poo it would pop and hurt again. I felt so bad that I missed such a big lump like that on her groin. But like the Dr. said, she was soooo crabbby when we changed her because it hurt that we were just focused on getting the job done and calming her down. And never in our wildest dreams did I think to look for that!!

Brielle is also down to 1/32 on her oxygen which is the lowest setting so I asked the Dr. whats next. He gave us the OK to take it off thru out the day. BUT she cant sat down below 93. I've tried 3 times today but she didnt last very long. Baby steps! But atleast its a start!!! On our way to a cordless baby!!! In 2 more weeks they will come do another download of her apnea monitor and if she hasnt had any she will be cleared from that monitor!!! YAY!

She has been really watching objects lately! We have a video online that she watches all the time! When shes fussy I will play it and she settles and locks her eyes on it. She watches the ceiling fan. She watched a glow stick I had last night go back to back. Its pretty neat to see her starting to really act like a one month old now!! She weighs 8lbs 9oz!


  1. Josh and Amber I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE what poor little Brielle has been going through. UNBELIEVEABLE!! Can't blame yourself. How were you to know what to look for. Never heard of it. Leave it to Brielle. Am so thankful she is comfortable now You'll have to pamper her totally. She's 8 pounds plus, awesome. Hopefully things will be a little more smoother for your family. Take good care. Always have Bri and Ayden in prayers. Love Debbie

  2. I bet those three minutes the doc held the hernia in seemed like forever! But..yay!...it worked! It's fun to read about her as she is starting to learn about her environment. Bri is a lucky girl to have such attentive and caring parents. Hoping you have an uneventful week!

  3. Our poor baby girl! But atleast you knew what it was now...and can deal with it til they can do the surgery. Love you guys!