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Monday, October 18, 2010

Priceless moments!!

This last week has been pretty uneventful. Which is always a good thing in the world of a preemie!!! She is slowly getting down on her oxygen!!! SCORE!! She has just graduated down to 1/32 liter! Which is the lowest setting on her oxygen tank!! I was at her new second home today again (Dr. Kraniks office) for a caffeine level check and mentioned that she was on the last setting on her oxygen and the nurse said when we think she is ready to wean OFF to call and set up that appointment. But to be able to do that she should be sating around 99-100 pretty much all day. So right now she is sleeping and she is sating 95. I'm not really sure when it all happened!!!! Last I knew she was at 1/8!!! Dr. Kranik called it!! He said she would start gaining weight and start to suck down her bottles and then wean off the oxygen and apnea monitor and hopefully her caffeine!! Shes been starting to suck down her bottles faster than normal! Wednesday we had to reload her caffeine again. Her levels were too low from the last "load". So now she is up to 1.4ml of caffeine a day! We are going to buy stock in starbucks!!

We went on Sunday to Waupaca to take family pictures!! We did them ourselves with the help of Joshs mom. I think they turned out great!!! I am more than excited!! I will post a few!!! Brielle did a good job!! We were there a few hours and alot of different scenerys and she did awesome!!! We even had the furbabies and they did okay too! Not bad for a last minute idea and throwing it together!!! Priceless moments we will always have now!!

Friday was National baby loss awareness day. So we got 3 balloons for Ayden from me, daddy, and Brielle. We got blue, white and pink for the baby loss pin colors we have. We let them go and they at first went towards one single star in the sky then they turned and went behind us. They went towards 3 stars!!!! The 3 stars to me I instantly thought of Carlos, Collin, and Ayden. All his friends from the NICU that had passed right around the same time as Ayden. They were waiting for their special balloons!! It definately brought a tear to my eye. My dad and Mary and my grandma were with us when we did it. We all just stood there and watched until we couldnt see them anymore in the night sky! Priceless!! We will never forget our little man. Brielle will never forget her hero and her brother As I talk to other parents that have lost a little one they are the same way. One nurse gets her daughter a little xmas tree every year. So we all have our little ways I guess to keep them alive. We got Ayden his own pumpkin. I put wings on it for him. We had it in alot of Brielles pictures! Gone, but never forgotten!


  1. Josh and Amber Beautiful fall pictures!! You had a really nice day for taking photos outside. Glad to hear Brielle is holding her own. PATIENCE is the key word for Miss Brielle, she definetly does things at HER own pace, she is priceless!! Love the white pumpkin with the wings on it for your little man-very awesome idea. Enjoy your little girl-they grow soo fast. Take good care Love Debbie

  2. Great pictures! So glad you have been able to get out and enjoy the beautiful fall weather we've been having. The balloon ceremony sounded so touching. Ayden is always with you...

  3. What a beautiful day it was with you guys! Hope the pics all turned out ok...how can they not with her in them:) She did awesome! It won't be long and she will be wireless!!! Love you guys!