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Monday, October 4, 2010

Shot day

Brielle had her 4 month shots today. Daddy was working so I took her by myself. It was okay until she got her shots. Then she cried and cried and cried. She was NOT happy!!! She did so well in the NICU! Probably because she had her nurse Kathy and her sugar water on her passy. They dont have that in the peds office. Got home and she was still cranky. Finally I got her to sleep by putting her in her swing on a pretty fast swing setting and she zonked off. The nurse kept on hitting her veins while giving her shots so she bled like crazy and they couldnt give the 3 in a row like normal because she had to keep stopping to make it stop bleeding. So we would settle her down and then have to rile her up 2 more times. I think dad might be bringing her in December for her 6 month shots.

The Dr is pleased with her progress. Adjust she is about 2 weeks old. He said for that age she is exceeding his expectations. She was looking up to find me and make sure I was still there and focusing on me. She was grabbing my fingers. And she was very alert. She is in the 25% percentile for weight 5% for height and head circumfrance which he said is good for her adjusted age. We talked about weaning her and as far as the oxygen, thats his last thing hes worried about right now. He is more worried about getting her off her caffeine and getting her heartrate to stay steady (bradys) and her to have no more apneas (stop breathing). So thats his primary goal right now is to resolve those bradys and apneas. If she is still on about the same settings on her oxygen in a month or so then he wants us to talk to a Dr in Milwaukee about what to do. So we will go from there. There was a few days that we got her down to a 1/16 liter but then she tires out. Hes hoping that as she gets more stronger and bigger she will get more stamina and be able to do it herself. He is very pleased with her color and her size. He said she doesnt look so "fragile." She has meat on her bones finally. Shes starting to fill out like a newborn!


  1. Josh and Amber Poor little one always hated those shots Sometimes I think it is harder on the parents. I know you want everything "normal" but Bri has gone through so much and she is tired and drained from all those months in the NICU and fighting so hard with soo many different situations; she is comfortable now and just wants to take her time,she wants to go at her own pace. She is a very precious gift and worth the wait. Keep the faith. Take good care Love Debbie

  2. Sounds like all good news to me! Bri will get off the oxygen, caffeine, etc. when she's able--don't worry--she's doing great. And so are you two!! We'd all like to give you a tribuite--you're a trio of rock stars in the family!

  3. Oh my poor baby girl:( I never was able to take the boys for their shots! Grandma and Rodger always took them. I myself can't stand being poked! Sooo happy she is doing so well! She has touched so many people! Keep up the good work Bri and before you know it you will be tube free and we will really be able to see your sweet smile! Love you guys!