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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lil Liam

As the mom of a 24 weeker, I know how extremely scary, emotional, upsetting, frustrating, up and down, but rewarding the NICU experience can be. I recently was told about a mother who had a 24 weeker not to far from me. His name is Liam. He is currently 10 days old. Today, it was discovered Liam has pneumonia and his kidneys are not fully functioning. At 20 days old, Brielle got pneumonia and her kidneys shut down and she was put on the Oscillator. I love blogging for this reason. When parents ask me how long it took her to get to 2lbs etc I can look back and see. Here are the 2 blogs that I had written when Brielle was in Liams spot.



Brings me back to those days just by reading the posts. My heart is with Joleen, Gabriel, and Liam during this time.

So with that being said, I am asking for prayers for this family. I am asking that if you do not believe in prayer, please send them good vibes and healing vibes for Liam. We know that all the good vibes and prayer while we were in the NICU for 98 days sure made the world of difference. It is a scary scary place to be by yourself. Knowing that they have thousands of people thinking of them is a great feeling. Send this little boy some love :)

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