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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Asthma? Allergies? What is it?

Took Brielle to the asthma/allergy specialist today. They ran about 20 allergy tests on her and the only one that came back was that she is HIGHLY allergic to cats. Just like her daddy. I was kind of stressing she would be allergic to her dogs. She would be devastated if we had to get rid of them. They are the first things she asks for as soon as she wakes up. Dr. James basically said the same things Dr. Krainik said. It is all definately up in her head region and not so much in her lungs. He said she has bronchio blockage and the wheeze we are hearing is from mucas. Her nose is puffy and he switched her from singulair to zyrtec now. We will give this new med 2 weeks and if it doesnt work in 2 weeks or so depending on Apple, we will bring her back. He said if the zyrtec doesnt work then he wants to check her for reflux and possible aspiration of fluid into her lungs. Im not sure how I feel now after leaving this appointment. I feel that we put her thru all these tests, for really no answers. Her poor little back has red spots all over it. Shes been on 8 different medications thus far and they have pretty much done nothing for her. The doctor kept going round and round....Lets take her off this and put her on this. Actually lets put her on this and keep that. etc etc. I could tell her was stumped and I even asked him if she stumped him. He said well just trying to think of the best route to go with her. Very nice guy, but Im pretty optimistic this wont work. He brought up how her eyes looked tired and like she was just crying but she keeps smiling. I said, Exactly what Dr Krainik said and she does! She looks very sad and pitiful. She acts different too. But like he said, when people get sick they act different and for her, it will affect her tone from her CP, which Boy is it!! She is so tight lately and she falls alot more, which in turn gets her so frustrated and then, well, I have a 2 year old on my hands lol. I just want her fixed!!! Its been since June Ive been going round and round and noone can seem to figure out what needs to be done. All the doctors see and hear the problem but cant figure out how to get rid of it. So defeating!

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