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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Brielles Team of Doctors/Therapists keep growing!

Today was Brielles Physical Therapy appointment. I was going to bring up how much more I thought her hip was clicking, but the therapist caught it right away and questioned it. (I love Lisa!) Anyway, I told her that I did not like the "opinion" of the Rehab doctor we went to see a few weeks back. Her opinion was to just watch it and see if it got worse or less and see her again in March. I was uneasy about that response to the clicking as Brielle has always had clicking since day one. But I thought I'll go with it seeing as shes the doctor but its still on the tip of my brain and I WILL be watching it close. So as Im watching it closely, Ive noticed its clicking pretty loudly and alot more! If I hold her, and she turns to look in a different direction, her hip will click. Its pretty dominent which freaks me out! So Lisa grabbed Brielle right away and BAM...HIP CLICK! She said she stopped counting at 10 and that was only in a matter of minutes. MINUTES. Thats not right. Thats not normal. She said "Im worried." I felt bad. I started to tear up. Mother intuition? Mothers gut instinct? Yesterdays blog post came to me. All the therapy appts this week (1 more to go!), and now my gut instinct was right and now the therapist is officially "worried." She said that it is not right that her hip is clicking and popping this much! She was commenting how badly Brielle just wants to GO and WALK and that got to me too. I just couldnt hold back the tears. I knew Lisa felt bad, and that wasnt my intention. Alot of moms say Im strong and they couldnt handle what Josh and I are handling, but somedays I cant handle it either! There are days I just wish I had a "normal" life. I try hard to get past those feelings. I love this little girl with all my heart. She is so perfect in my eyes! Her little giggle lights up my life! Her smile lights up a room! Its just not fair she has to go thru all this crap! Sooo we called up a Pediatric Orthopedic and we are headed to Milwaukeee once again. So Brielles team of Doctors and therapists keep growing.

Early intervention Teacher- Gretchen
Physical therapist- Lisa L
Occupational therapist-Terri
speech therapist- Lisa B
Pulmanolgoist-Dr. Noe
Pediatric Rehab and medicine Doctor- Dr.Morberg
Orthodic therapist (Spio and Brace guy)-Peter
Pediatric Orthopedic-Dr. Tassone
Pediatric opthamologist-Dr. Parsa
And her everyday Pediatrician-Dr. Krainik

My calender for December is already full. When will this madness stop?? I will take a slow down for now!!!!!

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