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Friday, November 18, 2011

Appointments and new things

Lately I feel like my blog has been just a place to vent about MY stuggles. While I do feel its good "therapy" for me to just jot it all down and get it out, I still want to keep it about the main star, Brielle.

Last Tuesday we had our appointment with the pediatric rehab and medicine doctor in Depere. I have been having my fair share or "Freak out" moments. I like to think of myself as doing a pretty well job of keeping it together, and Im not sure whats come over me. I have TONS of stress right now, maybe its just finally catching up? I dunno, ANYWHO...Josh took off to go to the appointment with me. I feel bad, because he is an amazing husband and an even more amazing dad! I could listen to him make Brielle laugh ALLLL day! I love the smile she gives when he walks in the door! Even tho he only gets to see her about 3 hours a day, hes the best with her! She definately loves that little girl! And I can see it in her face, she adores him! They play the "Im going to get you game" and she is hysterical because he will just sit on the floor and She gets sooo excited. She starts this little giggle and she comes by me really fast trying to get away from him. Its hilarious to say the least! Her favorite game by far now! O Geesh, Im so wrapped up in Josh and Brielles relationship, I forgot I started to talk about the Dr. Appt. Hehehe, okay so Josh took off to go with me. I felt bad because during one of my "vent" crying sessions, I told him I feel like Im doing this all alone. Which I basically am, but I know I have his support 150%! What I mean by "all alone" is Im the one at every Dr. appt, every therapy appt, etc etc. He has no choice. Hes expressed he wishes he could be at therapy, he just cant. They dont work past 5 and he works til 4:30. There isnt a choice in the matter. Im NOT blaming him for my feelings, Im just feeling overwhelmed. And when he gets home from a 12 hour work day, he wants to play and love her. So I work on the therapy all day. I fill him in, but over the last few weeks, Ive realized Im not doing a very good job of filling him in. Ill say something and he'll be like "Huh, You never told me that." Im overwhelmed. I forget. I think I told him, I didnt. Its just all too much. I feel horrible that I dont tell him stuff, I dont do it on purpose, I just forget. My brain feels like mush. I used to be SO good and remembering EVERYTHING. Now I cant remember what I did this morning. So after all that, Josh felt the need to come to this therapy appointment, since it was with a specialist Dr. The appointment went VERY well! One he didnt need to come to as I walked out of there pretty happy, but Im glad he was beside me to share in the happiness! Basically Dr. Morberg said that for being a 24 weeker she is doing AMAZING! She could definately see her "flaws" but she felt they were workable. She put in the order for her orthodic braces. They come on monday to fit her for those and then they take a few weeks to come in, since they want the braces to be made exactly to Brielles foot. So they will take a mold of her foot. She predicts that Brielle will be walking ONE month after she has the braces!! She pointed out that Brielle turns her foot/ankle in towards each other while she stands. So she kind of rolls the foot inwards. When she pointed it out to us I was like OMG how did I miss this??? Thats the part that totally BUGS the hell outta me! When they point out her qorks Im like WTH! I should have noticed that. I guess thats why I have 5 therapists and 3 doctors overlooking her! But still! The clicking in her hip which I feel is getting worse and worse and more and more, is mind blowing. They have no idea why since they took a hip xray and it looks great. So we go back in March to see this same doctor and we are going to watch if it gets worse or less etc. She is thinking because she is learning to do more and more stuff that its clicking. I beg to differ, but Ill be watching it! She also said that the way Brielle is stepping, there is a possibility she will need botox in her legs. Her hamstrings fire so quickly since they are so tight and we just cant get them to stretch properly. She is once tight girl. Also got some insight on her constipation issues. Ive had her on miralax which hasnt been helping! Dr. Krainik thought I was nuts when I told him that. But it makes sense now! Because of her CP she has low muscle tone so she doesnt have the "ability" to push. The miralax simply is a stool softener, but if she doesnt have the ability, its not going anywhere so it just sits there. She wants us to try out a laxative such as Senekot, but I cant find it in the liquid form Brielle needs. Also Smoothe move organic tea. Thats my next step, see if she'll drink it!

Sooooo Now that all the Doctor mumbo jumbos done...Lets get onto what Brielle is up to!

Shhe is becoming a little copy cat, which is amusing! Josh was puting on Hand sanitizer and she started rubbing her hands together like her was :) She will now blow in Joshs face as he does it to her!
She will "rub" the dogs when told to, mostly hitting, but she pets them!
I rub her back while she is snuggling, and I tell her to rub mommys and she rubs my shoulder like I do to her!
She is waving!
She is down to one bottle a day! Mostly sippy cups!
She is drinking outta a straw!
She is climbing up the whole flight of stairs!
Her "lovey" is a pink camo "dog" who she has to have everywhere she goes! And she says "DOG"
Her words are: Dog, Get, Go, Ma, Da, Ga, baba
She signs "All done"
Her hair has come in So thick and long, we are able to put a cute pony on top of her head like Pebbles!! :)
She is IN LOVE with ballons!

Im sure Im forgetting stuff, but for now, theres a preview of what Brielles up to! :)

If I dont get back on, EVERYONE HAVE A VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! From the Peterson Family to your family! XOXO

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear that Bri was a twin & he didn't survive. I am glad that Bri did survive & her brother is her guardian angel. My mom had two sets of twins & lost both. The second set was born at 7 months & weighed 2#, but due to the lack of Theda Clark, David & Daniel died at 2 days old. They were so beautiful & we wanted them to live so bad. God apparently had something else planned for them. I have twins Jessica & Jordan who will be 29 tomorrow. I always lost a set of twins 19 yrs. ago. My oldest son & daughter-in-law have 3 yr. old daughters Adelin Sage & Berklee Greyson. They also lost two sets of twins. They had to go through IVF each time & to be excited to be pregnant & then you get the bad news that they have expired is so sad. You have been blessed with Brielle & will be blessed with more healthy children if you want to have more. Our youngest daughter had 3 miscarriages before she had Preston 17 months & Makenna 5 months. Preston was born on 6/4/10 & Makenna 6/3/11. We have a total of 6 grandchildren ages from 5 to 5 months. Three three year olds. We are so blessed to have them & hope for a few more. You & Josh are so blessed to have a happy & healthy little girl. Grandma sure is proud of her.