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Friday, March 11, 2011

Rock Star

Well not too much going on here. But I still want everyone to know that I am still blogging and figured I should write SOMETHING!

We had Brielles 9 month check up this last Tuesday. She is 14lbs 7oz and 24.5" long. She FINALLY made the charts!! She is 1% for weight, 0% for length and 5% for head circum (42cm) Her pediatrician said she is a "Rock Star" She looks great for a 24 weeker and he could be happier with how shes progressed!! Most babies born as early and sick as she was are usually on oxygen past their first birthday and have had many illnesses. Not this cat! She keeps on roaring thru what she is dealt!!

Wednesday we had her physical therapist, Lisa L come. She called Brielle a "Super star". There are 2 twins that she sees that were born at 24 weeks with lesions on their brains like Brielle has, but they have ALOT more. And they are not doing well :( They wont have much of a life :( I cant stop thinking about those boys! It makes me think alot of my precious Ayden. Dont take this the wrong way, because I wish he was here with me today, but It makes me think of what kind of life he would have had. All the research Ive done, it doesnt look good. He would have been born with little to no lungs and passed away shortly after birth or struggled to breathe and be on oxygen a long time. He probably would have had some sort of brain bleed that would have made him a vegetable. Seeing your child encounter those hurdles is soooo difficult! Our baby hasnt had to hurdle such high hurdles, but I know the lower hurdles hurt so deep I cant even imagine their hurt!!

Lisa took another look at the tightness in Brielles thumb. She said it definately is tight. But after hearing about the twin boys I was taking this with more of a grain of salt. My child is going to be ok. My child has a great future ahead of her. My child will overcome this hurdle! Im not so sure those boys have the same opportunity Brielle has. We have worked thru 9 months of hurdles. And we will keep running and leaping with everything we have! We have an amazing little miracle on our hands. Everyday she flashes me that smile and giggles at the quarky things we do Im just in Awe. 9 months ago I didnt know if we would even be leaving with a baby. Let alone a miracle like this one! She is rolling over and cutting a tooth I believe! Lots and lots of drool!!! She started sleeping thru the night about 2 weeks ago! How sweet that is!! She goes down anywhere between 6:30 and 7 and wakes between 4:30-5 for a bottle and goes back down til about 6:15-7:30. We have it pretty rough!!


  1. Josh and Amber I can't believe how big Brielle is getting, unreal. She is a cutie pie. It sounds as if she is getting in those fun stages with all the cute smiles and noises, gotta love it. She will really like being outside this spring and summer. Oh how fun!! She surely is a miracle baby. She has proven it over and over again. So glad you keep us posted on her wonderful progress. Thanks Take good care. Love Debbie

  2. Love the new earrings!! Didn't think you could make her any cuter but you did!! She is such a little bubble of happiness....and it's so contageous! Thanks for the update...