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Thursday, March 24, 2011


Yesterday we had to drive 100 miles to Milwaukee to see Brielles Pulmanologist Dr. Just like the last time we had to go down there, there was a snow storm! We got a total of 12" and lots of ice and sleet! It was NOT fun! But anyways my mom took off of work to come with me and Brielle! The appt went great!! They took her off her pulmacort breathing treatments!!! No more treatments unless she gets sick!! She is a whopping 15lbs 3.8oz!! 24.5" long! She is growing nicely and in growing so big her lungs are getting bigger and better!! So now they will see her every 6 months and keep monitoring her lungs to make sure nothing pops up!

After our appt we met my cousin Angie, who goes to school at the hospital, for lunch. It was wonderful!!

After lunch we had to leave...right? So we walk out into the parking ramp which is connected right to the hospital and get on the elevator to go to our car. Well easier said than done. We didnt know what level we parked on. Neither one of us checked! So we go to 4 and theres no cars! Mom asks me if I remembered to take out the keys...DUH! She thought the car was stolen lol. So then we go to level 5. Well WRONG! That was just windows. Then to 3. We get off but our car was no where to be found! We get back on and go to 2, but thats the level we went to to get to the hospital. So that wasnt it either. We start to walk to ramp hoping to run into our car, with no luck!! We are about to get back on the elevator and a van pulls up and asks if we lost our car. We laugh and say YES! She says get in and we will drive around and see if we can find it. So she starts to drive and turns out her and my mom are both Ellenbeckers and somewhere down the line related. Small world! Or is it? We believe Grandpa Art sent us an Angel in a van! :)

Soooo my mom says "O THERE IT IS!" So the lady drops us off at the begining of the row and we walk to the car. News flash! That IS NOT our car! No panic was setting in! It was pretty chilly and we were walking and I was just carrying Brielle. We walked around the corner and there it was!!! THANK THE LORD!! We laugh about it now and we laughed quite a bit while it was happening but when the van pulled away and it wasnt our car, I admit, I got alittle worried! I called my husband and he could just laugh! What else was he to do? Its all funny now!!! DUDE WHERES MY CAR??? Thats our catch phrase now! hehe

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