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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nothing New here!

Well...Hmm....Thats about what I have to write about! lol. I feel bad that I dont post as often as I used to! But to me, our life is pretty boring, yet busy!! Tomorrow we take the road trip to Milwaukee, WI to see the pulmonologist Dr. To me it feels like a wasted probably 2 hour drive since we are gettin 3-6" of snow and sleet and rain! UGH! But I will go and show off my miracle child! All the therapists and Doctors we see lately just cant believe how she is doing for a 24 weeker. She is amazing. We know! :)

I had to go get my check today at work since my purse was stolen last weekend along with your video camera outta my trunk of all places!! Brielle caught sight of a balloon! I've been waiting for the day she would notice that! Well mom couldnt resist and bought her one! She LOVES It! Giggles sooo hard when I attach it to her sock. Its cute! Cheap $3 toy! She has also in the last couple days just noticed mirrors. She smiles and trys to grab our faces in the mirror.

Yesterday Occupational therapy was here and said she is making much better use of her thumb. So watch it. I was pretty disappointed in her response. She didnt check out the thumb until I said something. Last month I was in tears of this thumb and this month she doesnt say ONE word about it!! UGH! Josh is persisting I ask for a new OT but I think maybe I will see one more time and see if it was just an off day for us or what the deal is. I emailed her Physical therapist who I adore and she answered my questions that OT over looked and ignored me on. I dont take lightly to that when thats why you are here! The best interest of Brielle! I am her advocate and her voice and dont ignore me! OKAY rant over! hehe

Brielle is getting soooo good at mastering solids!! She LOVES carrots, green beans, PEAS of all things...YUCK! lol, pears, applesauce, oo and ICE CREAM! lol I gave her some of my blizzard and she was like a little bird! Everytime I put a spoonful in my mouth her mouth was wide open! It was hilarious!!! She doesnt care for peaches, mangos, and bananas are a hit and a miss. Her Speech Therapist cancelled today with the weather and we were chatting on the phone of trying to get Brielle up to 3 jars of food a day. Dr. Kranik said as of June we can pull her off the Neosure 22!!! He would like to keep her on some type of milk whether it be formula or whole milk up to September which would have been her official 1 year due date. Im cool with that! But Im cool with getting her off the expensive Neosure and being about to buy Target, Walmart, or babies r us brand formula!

Brielle is a little ham! She giggles over just about anything! She went to a turkey calling seminar with her dad this last weekend and she was giggling when the guy was blowing the turkey call. I could just imagine that!!! If I turn around really fast and say "HI" or "brielle" or anything really she geeks out and flings her arms and legs and giggles. Its adorable!!

Well little miss is on her belly and mad cuz she still hasnt figured out how to get back! And Im going to feed her corn and sweet potatoes!!! Toodles!

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  1. She really is a ROCK STAR! I love reading her updates ..

    Good luck at your appointment. =)