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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Schools coming....

Brielle has been fighting a cold for the past 2.5 weeks. I had her in the doctor last Monday and he did a chest Xray just because Brielle is Brielle and things can change so fast on her. That they can! He sent us on our way with a "Just a virus" and come back in a week if not better. As usual, we were back in a week this last Monday. This time, the Virus turned into an ear infection, sinus infection and a "mucousy sounding spot in her right lung thats not YET pneumonia." She was put on Augmentin, Zyrtec, Flonaise, and Albuterol every 2-4 hours as needed. This child HATES taking medicine with a passion!! Who can blame her! But oye! It is a fight to say the least! Tuesday she woke up and she was retracting so bad and wheezing so hard I could hear her in the other room! I gave her 2 puffs of albuterol and a rescue dose 15 minutes later which did nothing. After an hour she was still retracting and her therapist showed up. I expressed my concern to Lisa and she said she could see her retracting thru her shirt and up into her throat it was that bad. Lisa thought she looked the worst shes seen in the past 2.5 years we have known each other and was "hospital bound".  So I called the doctor and spoke to a nurse who read Dr Krainiks notes and said he put her on the Augmentin assuming that spot would turn into pneumonia. Because thats how Brielle is! Fine one day, horrible the next! She said that is sounds like it definately turned into pneumonia and if it is, even if we brought her back in all they would do is an xray to confirm and keep her on the same meds. So thats what we have been battling for the past 2 weeks! And the last 4-5 days Tayvah has had a runny icky nose and fighting taking her bottles. I can tell she doesnt feel good either. Shes been a crab apple and just wants to sleep ALOT more than her norm.

Brielles biggest accomplishment in the last week....I had the foot stool up on the couch, she has been obsessed with sitting on it for some reason lately. She grab on and was attempting to bring her leg up. It took her a few tries and I kept encouraging her to O try again, Keep it up, Raise it alittle higher and all the sudden she was UP! I made a big stink about and danced around and shouted "YOU DID IT!!!!" And she was so proud of herself she was shaking her little fists in the air yelling "I DID IT!" And then she had to do it 2 more times! This seems like such a small feat for most, but she has needed help getting up into any chair, bed, highchair, couch, etc her whole life and to do it all by herself was a huge deal to her! Granted it helped that she had the space between two peices of the stool to anchor her hands and pull, but hey she did it and was so proud! She has been little miss independent lately, which is great, but also means more meltdowns when she cant do something she knows she should or can do!

Today I met with 5 people to talk about Brielles option after her 3rd birthday. 3!!! Where in the world has the past 3 years gone!!  When Brielle turns 3 years old in June, she looses all her benefits thru the birth to 3 program that she is in now. So I need to find outside therapys to work with her. I was a nervous wreck and still not sure how I feel about sending her to school. I feel alittle bit better after meeting with them and asking a million questions, but Im so not ready. They could tell and told me I have til Fall to transition myself. I felt alittle dumb to have tears in my eyes, but everything she has gone thru and still going thru, I just feel the need to shelter her and protect her from the mean world. never going to happen, I know, but its just my quirky thinking. We got to meet her teacher, Mrs Krissy, the board member Mrs Franklin and then Brielles current PT Lisa, OT Mary Ann, and current teacher Jenni. The 3 therapists described what they are doing for Brielle currently and what they feel she will need help with in school. Some of the concerns we have that she should be doing as an average 2 year old is Taking on and off her coat by herself. undressing herself, potty training, stairs, climbing on furniture etc.  I asked her teacher what types of things will they be doing with her since she will be getting Physical, Occupational, and speech in school. She said they she would be put in a preschool like setting. There they will be coloring and doing art projects, singing and dancing, reading, small field trips etc. She will even have a little backpack of her own :) Everything like a normal school aged child would do but she will just be getting help with it. She said that she will ride the short bus and they come right to my house in my driveway and I put her on the bus in her carseat and I get her off. Her teacher and the aide will get her on and off at the school. She will go 2 days a week for 2 1/2 hours. I believe deep down in my heart she will LOVE school! I will adjust. I will probably love my 3 hours off a day with Tayvah. :) Ive wanted nothing more for her to be normal and average and do what every other child is doing. This is her chance. She will do great and she will love it! And Mom will learn to love it too :)

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