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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Is winter over yet??

Brielle has been sick for the past 4 weeks. She had an ear infection, sinus infection (both for 4 weeks straight) Pneumonia for a week and now RSV, as well as Tayvah. Brielle was on 3 different antibiotics and it would not clear the ear infection what so ever. We finally said enough was enough after she was telling me her ears hurt (This little girl clothes lined her forehead on her dads truck tailgate, had a HUGE goose egg on her head and never ONCE cried) So for her to tell me something hurts, it hurts. The doctor approved her for the Rocephin injection and it cleared it up overnight! She went from crying as soon as she woke up "Mama I sick" "Mama I hurt" and laying on the couch not moving to a spunky sassy 2 year old the following day! We tossed around the idea of tubes because this is pretty common for Brielle. It takes her a long time to get over the simplest illness and ear infections last atleast 3 weeks if not more. We decided that her next infection if she cant shake it we will go thru with the tubes. I know its the simplest procedure, but I just dont want to put her thru anything else, but in the same sense I dont want to make her go thru with a 3 week ear infection!

During this whole month of illness, therapy and botox have been haulted. She got botox RIGHT before she got sick. So we feel it did not do its job. Partly because she already dislikes therapy with a passion lately, and when she is sick the simplest little touch can send her thru the roof. My Mother in law stopped in while she was having physical therapy and got to see how she fights. I could tell she never expected it from her :) She is a STRONG willed little girl. And if she doesnt want to stretch she will not stretch. She puts up the biggest fight and I have to constantly brib her with gum, suckers, stickers, etc. I cant wait til its spring out and we can go outside and have a different setting for therapy. I think she is overly bored! I can tell that she is having big time cabin fever. She tests every button I have left in my body daily. Hitting her sister and both of us, throwing everything, dumping her plate etc. Normal 2 year old behavior but up a notch.

Brielle new fad is skyping! She LOVES to skype! She walks around with the Nabi2 and asks to skype with papa, johanna, and grandma. Its cute until noones available then the tantrums come.

Brielle is still at a measely 22 pounds. Shes been stuck at 22 pounds since about 18 months. She is now 33. We are going to be doing a bunch of tests at her 3 year check up (thyroid, pituitary gland, bone age density etc) Im not really sure what to make of it. I dont mind that shes little, but WHY. Why isnt she gaining anything? Is is simply because she has cerebral palsy and it takes her little body twice as much energy just to walk and do the normal things? Okay, Ill accept that. But we just dont know. My doctor is stumpfed and wants to make sure we do all the tests that could be possibly harmful if left untreated and if they all come back normal, Great. Atleast we did what is needed to make sure everything is okay and she is just a small micropreemie with CP.

Tayvah....She is a motor maniac. She is rolling everywhere, every direction, to get into as much trouble as she can! you cant take your eyes off of her for a split second because she is across the room before you know it. She pulls herself up onto all 4s and rocks and wants to crawl! She wants to go so bad! She gets the one leg going but doesnt know what to do with her hands so she face plants. She is starting to sit unassisted too. Last week I started baby led weaning. She is very interested in grabbing any food we have so I thought lets try it and she is doing pretty good with it! She loves to mash the green beans and sit in her high chair like a big girl. She loves her jumperoo and when we say "Jump Monkey" She gets a HUGE smile on her face and goes crazy. Its so cute! She also giggles quite a bit too. She loves to watch brielle and smiles and laughs at her alot.

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