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Monday, February 4, 2013

Reflux meds work!

Tayvah is better! I ended up talking to the girls pediatricians wife (I see her at the NICU I volunteer at) and talked to her about what was going on and she said that her youngest had reflux and it was bad! So I took her in almost 2 weeks ago and she was put on Zantec. It is helping some. She still gets in her crabby spurts tho. Not as many, but some. I have noticed that her crabby spurts come when she is over stiumlated. Ex. Basketball games (Which Brielle LOVES to go watch her auntie Kaila kick butt at!), family partys that are noisey, or just an over all busy day that she is in and out. She is VERY much a baby that likes to just lay and play with her toys and not be handled alot. Total opposite of Brielle. She loves her jumperoo, she loves to lay on her belly and reach for toys and roll over and just lay and coo. She is much like Brielle in the sense that she does not want to be rocked to sleep. And when shes ready for bed, she lets you know! And you better just put her in the bottom right hand corner with her head tight up against her bumper with her face facing the wall and her thumb in her mouth. Thats how she sleeps each and every night. Both of my kids are very much Crib sleepers. They dont sleep well anywhere else. Its healthier to have that (so the experts say) but it can be a pain when you are out and about and they are tired.

Today is Tayvahs 4 month check up! Holy man! Where did the time go??? I feel like I had her a month ago! She is growing so fast I can hardly believe it. 4 months until Brielle is 3! Oye!

Brielle is weighing in at 22lbs 4oz and 34". Tayvah is weighing at 13lbs 11oz and 17 1/2". Grow babies grow! On second thought, SLOW DOWN!!

I just signed the papers to enroll Brielle into the early childhood program at Hortonville School. When Brielle turns 3 in 4 short months, she looses all her therapists. I will have to bring her to the Depere clinic she gets botox at currently. But early childhood will also benefit her if she qualifies. I hope she does. But I cant believe I am even to the stage of signing her up for school. I feel like we just signed her discharge papers from the NICU to bring her home. Now Im signing papers to send her off to school. Time needs to stand still for awhile.

Brielles botox isnt working as well this time. Her therapist is entertaining the idea of Phenol instead. Phenol is a deeper injection right to the site of the problem. She will be put to sleep for that procedure. NOT a fan of phenol! I will have to ask Dr Morberg her opinions on it and go from there. I just dont know. I had to go in to a "interview" to talk to a neurologist to see if they consider Brielle disabled or not to keep getting medicaid. While answering all the questions and describing the things she cant do that a normal 2 year old does was somewhat depressing. She cant climb stairs or do down them unless she does them like a 1 year old. She cant climb up on the couch or a chair. She is still in a crib with no end in sight as of now. She cant climb up a stool on her own to sit on the big girl potty. She cant run. She cant walk on an uneven surface without falling. She cant take off her own clothes (mainly her shirt and socks). She cant open a door. She cant push herself with her feet on a riding toy or wheel the pedals of a bike. I know to most they sound like petty things. But in the real world she is pretty behind. Some 1 1/2 year olds are doing more than she does. My 2 year old neice does more than she does right now. Im worried about Tayvah passing her up and doing what she cant and then it kicks into Brielle why she cant do those things. Im hoping it has the other effect and she learns from Tayvah and benefits from it. When we went to a family birthday party a few months ago, it was in a big hall and there were all sorts of kids around Brielles age there running around. They would go up and down the 3 steps and chase each other. Brielle was far behind and still going down the first 2 steps by the time the other kids younger than her were back and passing her up again. It was so hard to see. It pulls at my heart in the worst way. My sister and I just talked about this the other day as she works with a lady who takes care of her older grandson with CP. He falls in school and he can not play sports which he wants to because of the disability. My sister said that she can not imagine how I feel as a mom watching my daughter struggle with average kid activities. It is hard. It breaks my heart. But to me she is perfect. I just dont want her to ever think she cant do something. Right now she is so full of life and keeps on trucking with that beautiful smile on her face. Her smile is so contagious! I just hope it continues and she knows that if she sets her mind to it, she can and will accomplish anything!! Because she has already accomplished so much at 2 1/2 years old! She has impacted and given so many people hope at her young age.

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