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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Adjusting well as a family of four!

Our family of four with our fith watching over us!! I never understood how much love you can have for something so little and new! In my previous posts, I was worried about not having enough love to go around. My fears have been put to rest. However, I have been struggling with time management. I suspect Tayvah has some colic and acid reflux going on. Ive been trying to manage it with gripe water, gas drops, and sitting her upright for atleast 30 min after a feed and feeding her upright instead of laying down. While this process takes alot more time, I think its helping manage it. But it takes away alot from Brielle. She has not figured out to "share" her mama time. She LOVES her sister and wants to hold her every waking minute. Which I love that she loves to hold her, but it just isnt realistic. We've noticed that her feelings get hurt now. A characteristic she has never shown before baby came. She will pout and even shed tears which yanks at my heart. I know its part of life, but its still hard to see. She also wants to cuddle alot more. Which I gladly jump at every opportunity! We try to include her in everything we are doing with Tayvah that she can help with. All in all, the change has taken very well and we are pretty well adjusted. I just need to sort out a few things, like learning how to go to the store and juggle two kids. Ive only ventured out by myself once so far in 3 weeks. Brielle usually minds pretty well, but she gets in her 2 year old moods for sure! I also need to figure out the feeding schedules. Brielle always wants to eat when Tayvah eats so I am feeding Tayvah when Brielle eats, then clean up, then play and I usually dont eat until Josh comes home. While this is helping me loose all the weight and Im actually 4 lbs lighter Pre pregnancy, its not the healthy way. I never thought it would be so easy to "forget" to eat.

Therapy has picked back up because of the botox. When she gets botox her therapies go to 2x a week instead of once a week. This coming week we have appointments everyday and 2 on Thursday. We stay busy, thats for sure! Thursdays therapy went pretty well! We are seeing some good signs of botox. But Brielle gets bored with the therapy we do. We've been trying to take her to the playgrounds and funset etc to work her, but now with winter coming it is hard to use the playground. Time to put my thinking cap on and come up with new ways to stretch her and get the most out of botox. So far, we've been using Tayvah as a decoy. I will lure Brielle to sit on her ball and I will hold Tayvah on her lap while Lisa stretches her ankles, legs, and core muscles. Or we will coax her to do her stepping stones with the reward of holding Tayvah at the finish line. Poor Tayvah hehe but it works! And Tayvah tolerates it extremely well! 

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  1. God bless you and your wonderful family.
    You and your husband are great parents!
    Thank you for sharing your story and keeping us updated.