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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

All Smiles in the Peterson house!

Brielle had her monthly nutritionist appointment Tuesday and weighs in at 21 lbs 14 oz and 33" tall. Fully clothed :) She will be 30 months on Dec 1st. Since the scale was here, I threw Tayvah on the scale. My little pork chop weighs 11 lbs 14 oz! These two kiddos are total night and day! At one year of age, Brielle was only 17 lbs. At the rate Tayvah is going she will weigh more than Brielle by age one. :) She has gained 3 lbs 3 oz in less than 2 months! I love it!

Tayvah just started her real smiles about 2 weeks ago! I love them all! Brielle loves to see her smile and it melts my heart when Brielle copys me to try to get her to smile! Its adorable!

Brielle is amazing! She is so smart and so funny and so naughty all at the same time!!
  • She knows quite a few colors so far, her favorite being pink and purple! She knows orange, blue and green too.
  • She LOVES to since BINGO, but just sings the "HAD A DOG" part. Its quite hilarious!
  • I was watching her on the video monitor after she walked upstairs and wanted to take a nap, and then decided she would rather play. She looked in the corners of her crib and said "Wheres mom? In the corner? NOPE." and did it about 3 times. It was so funny! She got the "in the corner" because my mom was helping me paint and she asked where grandma was when she was behind the stove. I told her she was naughty so she was in the corner (which we dont put Brielle in the corner, but she associated it with naughty lol).
  • Her favorite game now is Hide and seek. She laughs so hard she can barely stand up.
  • She also is obsessed with coloring! She colors 80% of her day! And she always wants someone to color with her.
  • Her favorite show (well one)  is Full house. She loves her 'Show'. She gets soo excited when it comes on and screams and dances! She will actually sit still and watch most of it in silence. Most shows she wont sit still and watch over a few minutes.
  • She has been showing signs of wanting to potty train so we have been! Ive tried the pull ups and she does not care to wear them. She would rather go bare butt or big girl undies. Tonight she went over 2 1/2 hours without an accident. Pretty good considering I have not been hard core about training.
As far as her therapy goes, This week has been great! She didnt have therapy last week due to the holiday, and she kept asking for Lisa (her physical therapist) and telling me she missed her!! Yesterday when she came over Brielle ran up to her screaming her name and gave her leg a big hug!! It was so cute and of course melted Lisas heart! It is going to be so so so hard to say goodbye to her in June!! But the good news is, Lisa lives just around the corner from us ;)

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